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Fixing Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel

Some time ago i bought a Mad Catz wheel. It was really cheap, but not without a reason, cause it was broken. More specificly , it was a gear failure. Someone just treated it with a little to much force. :p The gear looks like this:

Yea i know its a little bit dirty and dusty, but it was sitting on attic for for quite a while. I decided to finally get to work and repair it, but i dont know where can I get that spare gear, additionally it turns out that Mad Catz was bankrupt in 2018 so I cant count for help from them, or can I?
So yeah, I am writing this post to get some help. Maybe someone has that wheel, was fixing it in the past, or just knows a little bit more than me. If anyone can help, I would be thankful!
You will very much Struggle to find that Exact part. Its obviously not a suitable part for say 3d printing or anything, so unless you can find the exact part or disassemble more to see what more there is to it, Id say your Up a Creek without a paddle.