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Fixed Setup Problem in Dedicated Server.

I want to make a fixed setup dedicated server like this(use ClioCup_2010 MOD):
Everyone can change brake pressure value for themselves.

I find the key value for brake pressure in svm setup files:
BrakePressureSetting=12//64.0 kgf (80%)

But I can just set a given value for brake pressure(e.g. 80%) and fixed. If I delete this key value from svm file. The BrakePressure will be set to the default value( 90% for ClioCup) and players can't change it.

So How can I make a fixed setup dedicated server with brakepressure not fixed?

Any suggesting? Thanks.
This takes a few steps, you need to setup these two files in the dedicated server installation.

Edit the player.json with notepad (located in rFactor2/Userdata/player/ folder). Look for these two lines. Use these settings:
"MULTI ParcFerme":3,
ParcFerme#":"0=off, 1=no setup changes allowed between qual and race except for 'Free Settings'), 2=same unless rain, 3=use RFM default 'ParcFerme=<0-2>'",

"MULTI FreeSettings":-1,
"MULTI FreeSettings#":"-1=use RFM\/season\/GDB default, or add to allow minor changes with fixed\/parc ferme setups: 1=steering lock, 2=brake pressure, 4=starting fuel, 8=fuel strategy 16=tire compound, 32=brake bias, 64=front wing, 128=engine settings",

For allowing only brake pressure adjustments you might be able to use these values.
"MULTI ParcFerme":1,
"MULTI FreeSettings":2,
I haven't tested it but worth trying. If it works then you don't need the next step, if you want multiple settings unlocked (which I know works), then continue to the next step.

Next you'll need to create a new .RFM file to set the settings you want users to change, to get an existing one to start from.

Open MAS2.exe,
Click on the "box icon" at the top.
Select "Create New Mod Package",
Check "Customize" and in the same window below in the rfm file: field click on the "B" (browse) button
You'll get a pop up window with all the rFms, just highlight all the rFm files and drag and drop them to your desktop
Cancel and close MAS2

Now edit the copy of the RFM you saved with notepad. Look for this FreeSettings section.
// Settings that are free to be changed regardless of fixed or parc ferme setup. This can be overridden by the
// player file. You must add the values of each setting that drivers are free to change:
// 1 = steering lock
// 2 = brake pressure
// 4 = starting fuel
// 8 = fuel strategy
// 16 = tire compound
// 32 = brake bias
// 64 = front wing
// 128 = engine settings (rev limit, boost, and engine braking)
// For example, the default free settings are: steering lock (1) + brake pressure (2) + fuel strategy (8) = 11.
// Possible values are -1 (use default value) up to 255 (which equals 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128).
FreeSettings = 43

Here with FreeSettings = 43 or (1+2+8+32) we are allowing users to adjust these settings freely when using a fixed setup.

Steering lock
Brake pressure
Fuel strategy
Brake Bias

If for example you wanted to allow user changes to only the steering lock and brake pressure use FreeSettings = 3

Here's a good video for using the RFM you just edited when you package a mod, click B and browse and select the RFM file you edited.

Hope this helps
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Hello guys.
I can get everything I see here to work but how do I open up drivetrain?
I would like to open Steering, Brake Bias, Brake Pressure and Drivetrain/Differential.

I tried adding engine thinking it might be part of it but its not.

Thanks in advance.