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[Fix] ACC Skip Game Intro Video

The skip video setting in the options does not skip the game load intro video. My understanding is that it's for skipping the in-game videos. I didn't find a fix for this, so I just created a tiny 1-frame long black video that will replace the existing intro video. The game's intro video is great and exciting, but I certainly don't need to see it every time I launch the game.

Steps to skip the Assetto Corsa Competizione intro video:
  1. Download the file attached to this post [ACC_GameIntro_16-9.txt] to your downloads folder or the desktop
  2. Change the extension of this downloaded file from .txt to .mp4 (the forum won't allow uploading .mp4 files)
  3. Go to ...\steamapps\common\Assetto Corsa Competizione\AC2\Content\Movies
  4. Rename your existing [ACC_GameIntro_16-9.mp4] to something like [ACC_GameIntro_16-9_bk.mp4] in case you ever want to revert back. I would imagine that Steam-Local Files-Verify Integrity of Game Files would also do the trick.
  5. Copy the downloaded and renamed file from your downloads/desktop folder into the ...\steamapps\common\Assetto Corsa Competizione\AC2\Content\Movies folder
  6. Run the game. You'll still see the normal title/fmod/Kunos/Unreal screens, but the intro video will no longer play. It still might require a button press (if somebody knows how to get around that, please let me know).
Edit: Also someone with better knowledge can let me know if this would be better placed in "Mods."


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