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First wheel a Logitech DFGT need help/advice on FFB & wheel strenght

Davy Jones

Dec 22, 2014
[EDIT] Apologies for typo in post title :)

I'd been trying and desperately failing with a 360 pad for AC, R3E and now Dirt Rally. I'd been pondering over an XB1 pad as I'd read that the range of the analogue sticks was slightly better and it's overall a good pad. Dirt Rally came out and all noted that to get the most out of it you'd need a wheel so I thought now was the time to start researching since I knew little or nothing about them. And since I already had AC and R3E I was going to justify the investment.

After searching the forums and countless videos I started to look at a Logitech DFGT. It was suggested I look for a second-hand one which I found along with a Wheel Stand Pro for a decent price both of which I took home last night. I only have a small PC desk so the stand is a good option.

I was aware that wheels in general can be noisy and more so if FFB is supported and enabled. One of the reasons I went for the stand was to reduce noise which it effectively helps with but in terms of setting things up so that the weight and feedback is lighter and quieter I kind of don't have a clue.

I get the point that a FFB wheel with 900 degrees rotation should be used as designed but I'm only starting, it's my first wheel, and of course a complete eye opener, and I was kind of hoping that I could dial down the FFB and weight for the wheel in each game until I can get the hang of things and later dial it back up once I have more experience and not still spinning the tail out on every corner which I'm still doing :)

I'm attaching a screen shot of the Logitech app FFB screen along with the FFB and weight settings views from Dirt Rally, AC and R3E. I'd appreciate some help on getting things leveled out a bit if there are some general rules to follow. And since of course with PC games no two options screen are ever the same.

Should I leave the individual games using their defaults and use the Logitech app controls as a master system in way i.e. to control all? I could of course just disable FFB altogether but that would be missing the point of having a wheel in the first place.