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First Try ACC last night

Well, I finally bought his game. I have done a lot of sim racing on many different sims over the years. I have not been driving much recently due to a Fortnite addiction.

So, first off the overall driving experience for me is quite good. The FF on my T300 wheel out of the gate was pretty darn good. I adjusted a few meters but the game sensed my wheel and pedals nicely and it felt very good. I tried the Lambo, the Porsche and one other car I cant recall at the moment. Decent car selection. I drove Misano, Spa, and Brands Hatch.

Each car feels different which is nice. The Porsche was difficult to control when braking and I struggled with this car the most. I know some have complained about curbs but I didnt notice anything unusual.
Out of the box this sim to me feels very good and...it reminds me of the feel of AC a bit which I also enjoy. For the record I am someone who appreciates many different sims and I have raced in leagues with AC, iRacing, RRE, Automobilista, GTR2, etc...

I have a good rig, and it ran smooth. The graphics were great but not extraordinary for me. Didnt race in the rain yet.

So then I tried multiplayer. In 10 minutes I had 3 major freezes with only 2 other cars on track and a wired internet connection. This is a major issue as anyone knows :(
It is an deal breaker for competitive league racing I'm afraid.

In the end, I won't use a sim a lot unless I can race it in a league because I get bored with club races and offline. I enjoy points and teams and a series with real people. But I found myself wanting to drive again this morning before work, which is good news. So I truly hope the multiplayer improves and I hope for some good online leagues .

I cannot speak to other realism aspects because I didnt drive it for long enough. But first impression is pretty good.
Ryan, have you tried the wet weather before?? I'm sure that will keep you coming back, whether (no pun!) its offline or online.

Try joining one of the ACC club events, its a stable server and the driving is very good on the whole. Theres a race tomorrow night and another on Tuesday if you're interested?