First Time Updating Wheel/Pedals and Base

Hey guys/gals.

About 6 months ago i purchased a Next Level Motion Simulator V3,Trak Racer Seat,Valve Index...along with new PC.

I have been Running a Logitech G29 with Shifter but i am now looking to update my First Wheel Pedal Shifter and Base Setup.

I have been looking at this Deal:

Clubsport Wheelbase 2.5
Steering wheel and Univeral Hub
Wheel Rim GT Forza
ClubSport Shifter 1.5
ClubSport Pedals V3

Im getting this for around £1400. Is this a good deal at the moment? Would i choose ant additions? Or Do you have any other opinions on what i could purchase instead for around £1500 max?

I have been looking into my first Direct Drive setup so options would be nice.

You guys know your stuff so i thought i would ask for help before i purchase,or change order so something better,different etc.

Im in the UK by the way.

Thank You for any feedback.


Do you have any other opinions
Who doesn't? Simagic M10 DD + SHH shifter.
Simagic has an option for connecting G29 pedals,
which brake can be upgraded to load cell or TrueBrake.
The Logitech clutch can be improved by degressive feel,
and the throttle pedal mostly wants mass added to better simulate real throttle linkage inertia.
Eventually, you may want Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals, so minimize pedal expeditures until then.

For VR users, Fanatec LEDs and wheel UI would not seem to add appreciable value...