First Look at MotoGP17 (?)


Nobody appreciates your mods more than me. Serious fan of your work. I am also the first to attack Milestone (I have demonstrated this plentiful in the past), but this time, I actually think you are wrong. I feel it will be you missing out on a good game.

The New Highest Difficulty level is called MOTOGP level now, and it is VERY HARD indeed. So far, to appeal as usual to the arcaders out there (still the main buyers of this game), the trailer only shows MEDIUM level, but I just got eyes on unofficial footage and I was stunned. An entirely new LEAN SYSTEM has been developed. The A.I. has been redesigned from zero. They actually went back to the drawing board. They re-worked other physics aspects and FINALLY recorded the REAL MOTO3, MOTO2 and MOTOGP bike sounds. The plan is to take this into a whole new professional direction. You will hear more about this is a minute.

What did I get to see? A very good pilot at the controls, struggling mightily, crashing 3 times in (1!!) lap. Front wheel tucked in, and two high-side crashes. How do I know he's good aside from the fact that one can see how realistically the bike behaves? Well, he is expected to participate in the WORLD'S FIRST EVER eSports MotoGP RACING EVENT sponsored by Red Bull and Dorna and Milestone. This will be held the VALENCIA GP 2017 and will air live on television. Pilots across the world have the chance to put in qualifying times and the 16 fastest will be invited to Valencia and race. And to underline all of what I had the pleasure of seeing - read what the OFFICIAL RED BULL WEBSITE has to say. Without a doubt, this is the most promising version ever and mods could make it easily the BEST.
What drugs were you on when you wrote this :D. I wanna try them
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