First Look at MotoGP17 (?)


Leading up to the MotoGP weekend in Argentina, Milestone have posted a few images (probably) showing content from the new game. Unsurprisingly, the images look rather disappointing.

For as much as can be told from the five screenshots posted, there looks to be no major improvements over last year in terms of 3D model quality, textures or track surroundings.


Okay, we have to admit that Argentina is one of their best tracks visually, built in 2014.
The main problem will be the other tracks, don't given up my hopes but it's pretty less.

Jan Volenec

Let´s be honest
Milestone can´t have bad number of sold games
I have a really easy answer ?
Why they don´t use their money for pay Dorna for better licence (engine spec or something..) or for buying some drones and software for laser scan ? Are they so optimistic in their hand-made tracks or they are completely mad ?!

I don´t want to be egoistic but I have quite good idea of making a good, no MotoGP but FIM licensed game but don´t have a money or experience in game-design... I think Im not the only one with this idea...
All I want to say is that for me Milestone is a group of "I want to make a motogp game, because nobody makes it, and because nobody makes (made) it, We can do it as good as we want" people....

Headquarters of Milestone reminds me people with good dream but with terrible terrible knowledge or with no perfectionalism...
I think to be a perfectionalist is one of the main things to make a good game..


I have skipped the entire MotoGP 16 experience, never spent a dime on it and will just wait until 2017 version. I have zero expectations, never had any when it comes to Milestone but, one has to differentiate between potential and straight up amateurism. Milestone has indeed displayed great potential in their coding regarding the bike physics. There is indeed a wide range of options that will make the bike behave ever so differently with each adjustment. Hence, we have seen so many physics mods from different people in this forum. It actually is possible to tweak it quite close to at least simulation type behavior, but Milestone themselves have only developed the platform. They do not spend any significant amount of time on actually fleshing that potential out. You'll get it in its rawest form. I agree, super annoying, but far from amateurism. Each year the bikes "feel virtually the same to me" out of the box, but the coding is different and you can always explore its potential. I'd almost compare to when MotoGP introduced unified electronics at the beginning of last season and teams had to figure out how to make it work. It was considered far inferior to what MotoGP factory teams had been using (their own developed software) up to that point, but the potential was there. Look at it now, Bautista, Abraham, Aprilia, etc etc. For the first time pretty much ever, we have 1-16 within 1 second. Says a lot. Point being, don't count on anything from Milestone. They are lazy because as @Jan Volenec correctly observed they sell plenty of copies. Sadly, the majority of PC MotoGP players are arcade oriented. We will see how much has been done this time around by Milestone and how much we need to do ourselves, but I'm certain we can do something

Jan Volenec

C'mon guys, the graphics is not everything in a videogame.
Hopefully we have a good gameplay.. haven't we?
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it is not about graphics .... it is about how they make that game in general... I think SBK Generations is better game even it looks terrible in these days... SBK has nice details as LIVING pit box which Milestone remove in VR the Game and even it was in previos MotoGP titles it has not been as good as in SBK titles ... Do not read pit box ONLY... it is just one of millions of details that could make a game lot better


It's been 5 years and their texture design is still as mediocre as ever. All I want to do after seeing these screenshots is puke for the horrendous amounts of incompetency this company has. For sure, I won't bother buying this game and instead I'll be hopeful someone else more professional can take the license.

The only few things I can see in the messy preview of the video are:
  • A slightly better sound of the bikes
  • The official graphics overlay
  • A better looking menus
  • The return of the custom team in the career mode
  • A new "manager" career mode
As always the developers can't play their own game so we can't actually know how the AI behaves, but I'm pretty sure that's not improved enough. And for the same reason we can't actually see how the bike behaves when it's pushed to the limits.
No dynamic weather, no flag-to-flag races.
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Jan Volenec

Earliest gameplay footage
I can´t be the only one who see that "improvements" Milestone have made due our feedback on Facebook.. Anyone remember how someone told them to add a JEREZ font in the 1st corner and they made it before VRTG release.. Now they add another OUR thoughts... Mugello
BUT... Austin is completely the same as earlier.. We have to keep argue with Milestone to improve their game :D


oooookkkkk it's not so shitty!!! can see not mutch on videos but, the sound is a "big" improvement expecially from before,also there are a little changes on circuits minor changes but at least they made it, and giovane you're right the braking is little different, i not understand if is the standard phisics itself or impovements of the maching accelerator -gear that can be notice on videos
Braking distance is the shortest in Standard Physics, so it's sure the braking zones begin far enough from the apex.. 5 years of developement, 5 games to finally fix it! I don't know even how they didn't noticed before.

The AI is not improved at all, at least from what I can understand from a video: some riders keep going off the track and they haven't a proper racing line for overtake of defense manoeuvre.

Sound is improved, yes, finally. And this is a mayor point as the sound in a racing game holds a bigger part of the realism then the graphics, but from what I can ear it's not super accurate: it's far far better for sure, but still far from the real one.
Small notice: the Honda still has the older engine sound, Milestone guys surely recorded it when Honda didn't have the new 2017 big-bang engine yet.

Gameplay looks the same, I say looks because that's the only thing we can do. But I'm sure they kept the same mechanics as before, and that's sad.
I'm not expecting a sim-game at all, but some small clever implementations would be nice: different tyre compounds with different working temperatures, manual starts, flag to flag races, dynamic wheater, track grip changes during the weekend. These seem big words, but actually they aren't: most of these features needs only few lines of code, other take longer but it's their job to do that.
My feeling through the years is the same: seems that they actually don't play their own game than once a week. They made a casual game for casual gamers who play twice a month in 3 laps races. When someone try to play for real, 100% races and full weekend, the game seems dull and boring, repetitive and never deep enough to discover something.

Last but not least, will they update the game through the year? They not even fix the bug we reported between a game and the following one, how can we expect they start to do this time?
My hopes are tiny tiny.

I'm sure this game will be better than 16, just because they couldn't have done worse, but they have to fix the AI, I'm sure they didn't and the races will be the same s**t as before.
My last hope died last year, this time I'll not spend 50€ just because I love motogp games, I'll wait and see.
Any news about new manager mode? I hope that it would help to enjoy career through a lot of seasons!
From what I know the manager mode keep you in both racing and managing, very similar to what Rossi does with his Sky Racing Team in moto3 and moto2, but the rider's market will be locked (due to Dorna) and the only riders available to sign-up will be fake ones.
The bike livery will be custom as motogp15 but you'll get support from real sponsors.
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