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First Impressions

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Eric Estes, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Eric Estes

    Eric Estes

    Lots of new folks on iRacing this week, and I'll throw my hat in the ring.

    Haven't done any oval testing yet, so can't comment there.

    REALLY liked seeing a skidpad. Nothing better for testing the limits of your car. Was surprised the first time it showed the "X2 Loss of Control" notification - that's kind of the point on a skidpad :).

    Solstice @ Laguna:
    Not a big fan of the Solstice. Really soft springs - it bounces, squats, and lifts far more than I would imagine the real thing does. Don't have the hang of when it's going to lose control either. I'm a slow mess in this car right now.

    SRF at Lime Rock:
    Much more better :tongue:. Could take to it and make some speed right away, and keep it on the track (mostly). If I have the option, definitely going to spend more time in this car. Doing Setups is a bit strange, will have to get used to it recomputing everything with every change - also need to look into the MoTec exporter as I'm a known data freak.

    Biggest Surprise:
    Realistic Gearbox - Even with autoclutch/blip the cars do NOT like it if you don't lift on an upshift (especially the fragile Solstice - blew two motors in my first 10 minutes "BAM"-poof). This will take some getting used to and may finally result in me actually using my clutch (right now my brake and clutch pedals are switched for comfort, will have to switch back if I'm actually going to use the clutch). Maybe event the shifter, but have to put it in a better location first.

    Most confusing thing: Figuring out the series/schedule/what I should be doing next (totally lost at the moment - especially with week 13 going on, but even without - yesterday Solstice at Laguna was the only option). At least I can figure out what I'm eligible for - guess I'll just dive into something at see what comes out of it. Hopefully I can get my mandatory races under my belt in the SRF (which looks to be official this week), and at least get a class D.

    First Track to buy: VIR - going there for holiday laps in a couple of weeks :D.
  2. Sander Hogendoorn

    Sander Hogendoorn

    Week 13 has just started, so probably the best time to start with iRacing.

    As always in week 13 a new build will be released, as you might've seen already in the announcements widget on the pressroom/dashboard page or in the announcements section on the forum. Week 13 is also 'fun' week to have a break after the long 12 week 'official season'. In the fun series your SR and iR have no effect and thus provides some relaxt racing without having to keep your ratings in mind.

    Though there are two series which continue to be official, the Legends Series and the SRF, as you can see on the series homepage where these two are shown as Week 13 official, where the other fun series for this week are shown as Week 13 fun.

    From next tuesday the first week of the season (season 4) starts again with all the official series, lasting again for 12 weeks. The Rookie series are 4 weeks, and than immediatly it starts again without another 'fun' week.
  3. Simon Trendell

    Simon Trendell

    Ignore the Solstice, the Rookie car next season will be the MX-5 that's coming tomorrow which should be much better. The Solstice will be in the same races as the SRF next season so if you like the SRF just prepare yourself for slower traffic.

    iRacing works on 4 13 Week Seasons a year, you've caught it in the 13th week where the Rookie classes have much larger field than normal, hence much riskier (especially the Rookie legends, if you want to your oval career, wait until next week and get the hell out of rookie legends asap). Rookie promotions take place next Monday evening, so your aim this week should be 2 Complete SRF races and a Safety Rating of 3.00+ by then.

    Next season, if you manage D then you'll be able to race MX-5, SRF & Solstice Mixed, VW Jetta, Ford Mustang & Skip Barber. A series is indicated by the license on the right hand side, if it says D 4.00+ that is a Class C Series, but holders of the license below with a SR above 4 are allowed to race as well.

    Go at it with the right attitude and you'll be fine.
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