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Animod_Autoneko submitted a new resource:

[Fictional] The Lucoa - Making a tribute to the Anime studio that made my Favorite anime, the way i know how...

This is my first skin that i've uploaded in RD, so if i made a format mistake, i apologize and this is a one-off format because of the

After hearing what happend to Kyoto Animation as of recently, i decided to pay tribute to the Studio that made my some of my Favorite anime such as Chuunibyou and Kobayashi's Maid Dragon, the way i know how.....

but before that if you want to help the victims from the attack, here's a link of the Sentai Filmworks' fund raiser :...

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Animod_Autoneko updated [Fictional] The Lucoa with a new update entry:

[Fictional Skin] The Lucoa

1.1 Changes
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- different designs of the front inlets as a reference to Lucoa's Heterochromia eyes
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- change logo a more "acceptable" one contemporary to the car's era (that inverted area of the AO is really a problem isn't)

- change to the number due to recent news

- Removes liveries on the duct tape lines after researching those lines in the headlights are duct...

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