Skins (FICTIONAL SKIN) 412 T2 "BRG" 2019-08-12

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Animod_Autoneko submitted a new resource:

(FICTIONAL SKIN) 412 T2 "BRG" - what does Hatsune Miku and the Ferrari 412 T2, both are famous for being "high-pitched"

so its been awhile...

Shout out to Gaara Cewofan for coming up for this idea but i apologize that it isn't white black and cyan, theres just something not right about a ferrari f1 car that doesn't have the color red in it...and its not exactly one of the f1 cars you suggested to me to make.
first, for the newcomers, my style is that i make an livery themed to that character without plastering that character in the car while making it subtle as if it were a special eddition from the...

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