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Skins [Fictional] 2019 GOODSMILE Racing M8 GTE IMSA GTLM v1.0 2019-06-10

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rioachmadz submitted a new resource:

[Fictional] 2019 GOODSMILE Racing M8 GTE IMSA GTLM v1.0 - Fictional livery for The Rollover's M8 GTE

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The third livery that I uploaded here, you need the BMW M8 GTE mod by The Rollovers to install this livery.

Visit my facebook page if you want more itasha livery for Assetto Corsa.

page link: https: //www.facebook.com/HanazonoItasha

I hope you like it

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There's a problem with the mod; I just get a plain white skin. I've made sure it was the same car by the Rollovers.

Edit: renamed the skin file to "skin_base" instead of the name of the car. That was weird. Did the car get an update that changed texture names or was it a typo?