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Fiat Regatta 2000 Group A

Cars Fiat Regatta 2000 Group A 1.0

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GA Modding submitted a new resource:

Fiat Regatta 2000 Group A - Fiat Regatta 2000 Group A by GA Modding

Fiat Regatta 2000 Group A by GA Modding
GA Modding Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GAModdingAC

Here is the release of the Fiat Regatta 2000 in group A version.This car was used for a large period of time in South American rallies more precisely in Argentina. It was the most powerful and sporty car of the "Regatta" was named Regatta 2000 and had a rear wing to improve stability.The car comes with two liveries from the 1991 Rally de Coronel...

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The James May of Simracing
Oh god, I used to own a Fiat Regata once, I think it was a 1987 model with a 1.4l or 1.6l 75hp engine. It was 15 years old when I got it and only had ~45.000km because it used to belong to my grandfather and another old guy before him. It wasn't even run in properly after 15 years and the interior smelled of vanilla. Dreadful thing. One of those cars that didn't even show you RPMs.