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FIA Formula 2 2009

Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
F2 is Back in 2009:


The return of Formula Two after 25 years is an enormously significant time in the history of motor racing and MotorSport Vision is proud to have been selected to supply the cars and run the FIA Formula Two Championship.

The FIA’s initiative to create a prestigious high performance new championship at a sensationally low cost is perfectly timed. In today’s challenging economic climate cost effectiveness is essential and with a fixed price of just £195,000 (€225,000) for a season of 16 races throughout Europe, F2 is not just a percentage cheaper than its alternatives; it is a fraction of the cost.

This has not been achieved at the expense of technology. The F2 car has been designed by Williams F1 with a team lead by Patrick Head featuring a sophisticated composite survival cell tub designed to comply with the rigorous 2005 FIA F1 crash test requirements. The Williams JPH1 has advanced aerodynamics developed with the same CFD computer programme as Williams’ F1 cars to achieve high performance with excellent overtaking potential. The engine is a new Audi 1.8 litre turbocharged unit developing a base 400bhp with 450 bhp on overboost. It drives through a Hewland six speed paddle shift gearbox.

To provide unprecedented sponsor value, F2 is not just low on cost but is also high on media exposure. Live television coverage on Eurosport and an advanced dynamic web site, together with superb driver and sponsor hospitality provide a compelling package, particularly as most F2 races partner the WTCC events.

With the FIA Technical and Sporting Regulations finalised at the start of December, sponsor and driver contracts were then able to be issued. Following such huge interest it is no surprise that contracts are being confirmed daily and I am delighted with the calibre and international field of drivers F2 is attracting.

F2 will attract the greatest depth of talent by virtue of its extraordinary cost effectiveness, and through its carefully considered format and equality of opportunity produce some of the best future F1 talent in the coming years.



Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
F2 The Car

F2 chassis

The F2 car is designed by Williams F1 featuring ground effect aerodynamics and includes a sophisticated composite survival cell complying with the 2005 F1 safety regulations. The transmission is a 6 speed Hewland unit with paddle shift.

All F2 cars will include standard components that will be identical within specified tolerances and all F2 cars will be of identical weight +/- 2kg and ballasted to a standard Driver weight of 80kg (including all race wear and Driver safety equipment). The positioning of any ballast will be determined exclusively by F2 with the objective of minimising any weight distribution change from the norm for drivers who require no ballast. In any event no F2 car shall have a weight distribution that differs by greater than +/- 0.5% from the average.

F2 formula- 535.jpg F2 formula- 600.jpg


Andy Marsden

They look like FBMW's though this will be definately a good thing for single-seater racing, another F1 feeder series too most likely I expect.

Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
F2 The Engine

F2 engine

The F2 car is powered by an Audi 1.8 litre turbo engine with a target 400bhp on standard boost and 450bhp on overboost. The engines on all cars will have identical power within 1.5% of the target. The overboost facility is actuated by a steering wheel button which increases maximum power by 50bhp for a duration as specified on the set-Up sheet, typically six seconds. Overboost may not be used except in the second practice session and in each of the races, when the number of shots will be specified on the set-up sheet but typically eight shots are available for races and four available for tests.

Maintaining engine parity within a very close tolerance that will make no significant difference to the cars’ performance throughout the season is one of the most important criteria of the championship.

There may be occasions during the season when a car’s engine needs to be replaced. If so, it will be replaced by one that has been subject to a similar level of use so as to maintain parity with the other cars. To achieve this, a pool of spare engines will be rotated through the F2 cars after each event or every other event (depending on the event schedule). This will ensure that that there is minimal difference in usage levels between those engines in the F2 cars and the spare engines at any given time.

In the event that additional spare engines are required, which will not have been rotated through the field, other methods will be employed to ensure engine parity within tolerance. No driver, for example, will benefit from a higher performing new engine to replace their own engine at any stage in the season.
F2-engine-001 .jpg


James Yates

Feb 19, 2008
Thanks for all the info Hans - sounds like a good series. I presume it replaces Formula Palmer Audi?

Daniel Pettit

Jan 23, 2007
I thought they were going after a cheaper alternative to GP2, though looks like its a bit under powered to fully act as an f1 stepping stone.

Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
I thought they were going after a cheaper alternative to GP2, though looks like its a bit under powered to fully act as an f1 stepping stone.
Daniel,I think that GP2 will be the stepping stone to F1 for now, if you look true
the driver lineup they are a little higher on the ladder to F1

Aug 26, 2008
First Test Session

familiar surname their in 3rd...

1. Robert Wickens 59.433s
2. Mirko Bortolotti 59.601s + 0.168s
3. Alex Brundle 59.655s + 0.222s
4. Andy Soucek 59.763s + 0.330s
5. Philipp Eng 59.963s + 0.530s
6. Milos Pavlovic 59.970s + 0.537s
7. Julien Jousse 59.974s + 0.541s
8. Sebastian Hohenthal 1m00.070s + 0.637s
9. Mikhail Aleshin 1m00.147s + 0.714s
10. Tobias Hegewald 1m00.164s + 0.731s


Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
Compleet line Up

Sebastian Hohenthal (2)
Jolyon Palmer (3)
Julien Jousse (4)
Alex Brundle (5)
Armaan Ebrahim (6)
Henry Surtees (7)
Tobias Hegewald (8)
Pietro Gandolfi (9)
Nicola de Marco (10)
Jack Clarke (11)
Robert Wickens (12)
Mirko Bortolotti (14)
Mikhail Aleshin (15)
Carlos Iaconelli (17)
Natacha Gachnang (18)
Edoardo Piscopo (20)
Kazimieras Vasiliauskas (21)
Andy Soucek (22)
Henri Karjalainen (23)
Tom Gladdis (24)
Milos Pavlovic (25)
German Sanchez (27)
Jason Moore (31)
Philipp Eng (33)
Test driver,
Steven Kane


Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
Last pre season test

18 May-2009
Henry Surtees set the quickest lap time in the final pre-season test for the FIA Formula Two Championship in mixed weather conditions at Silverstone today (Monday). The 18-year-old's flying lap of 1:38.920s was set as the grouped sessions came to a close early in the afternoon, shortly before heavy rain brought an end to anyone's hopes of going any faster for the remainder of the day.


Red Bull junior driver Mikhail Aleshin held top spot for much of the late morning, but was pushed down to second following Surtees' lap. Julien Jousse also grew in confidence with the car as the day progressed and the Frenchman was satisfied with third fastest overall.

Sebastian Hohenthal had an impressive run to fourth, whilst Rob Wickens, Jolyon Palmer and Andy Soucek were separated by just 0.088s in fifth, sixth and seventh respectively. Jack Clarke maintained eighth position at the session's end, whilst Philipp Eng and Carlos Iaconelli made a late surge into the top ten.

Times were expected to tumble later in the afternoon as drivers got to use new Avon tyres and the 'overboost' button for the first time. However, the heavy rain in Northamptonshire prevented drivers from finding the ultimate limits in their respective Williams JPH1, but it did provide them with some valuable running in wet conditions.

The F2 cars ran with bespoke rain tyres for the first time and an interesting battle developed as drivers swapped fastest times in the testing conditions. Mirko Bortolotti's benchmark time of 2:02.974s looked set to be good enough until Andy Soucek and Jason Moore traded blows towards the end of the day. It was Soucek who ultimately set the afternoon's fastest lap - a 2:02.502s, which was just 0.008s ahead of Formula Palmer Audi champion Moore.

Mirko Bortolotti held on to third, whilst Milos Pavlovic, Julien Jousse and Philipp Eng rounded out the top six.

First race of the season:31 May Spain Valencia

from GP Update

Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
Valencia first race

Follow all the action from Valencia this weekend
You can follow every session with live timing at www.formulatwo.com, and both races will be streamed live on the official website.

FIA Formula Two Championship
Rounds 1& 2 - Valencia
Weekend Timetable (all timings are local times)

Friday 29 May
09.45 - 10.15 Free Practice 1
13.30 - 14.00 Free Practice 2
17.30 - 18.00 Qualifying 1

Saturday 30 May
10.15 - 10.45 Qualifying 2
14.20 - 15.00 Race 1

Sunday 31 May
13.50 - 14.20 Race 2

Watch it on Eurosport
Both races will be screened live across the Eurosport network, whilst British Eurosport will air Saturday's race delayed-live and Sunday's race live and in high definition.

Saturday 30 May - Race 1
(UK) Eurosport 2 - Delayed Live: 17:00 (UK time)
(International) Eurosport 2 - LIVE: 12:15 (CET)
(Asia Pacific) Eurosport - LIVE: 12:15 (CET)

Sunday 31 May - Race 2
(UK) Eurosport and Eurosport HD - LIVE: 12:45 (UK time)
(International) Eurosport - LIVE: 11:45 (CET)
(Asia Pacific) Eurosport - LIVE: 11:45 (CET)

1 12 Robert WICKENS
2 8 Tobias HEGEWALD
3 22 Andy SOUCEK
4 17 Carlos IACONELLI
5 15 Mikhail ALESHIN
6 4 Julien JOUSSE
7 16 Edoardo PISCOPO
8 25 Milos PAVLOVIC
10 7 Henry SURTEES
11 33 Philipp ENG
12 14 Mirko BORTOLOTTI
13 3 Jolyon PALMER
14 18 Natacha GACHNANG
15 2 Sebastian HOHENTHAL
16 5 Alex BRUNDLE
17 11 Jack CLARKE
18 10 Nicola DE MARCO
19 27 German SANCHEZ
20 6 Armaan EBRAHIM
22 20 Jens HOING
23 24 Tom GLADDIS
24 9 Pietro GANDOLFI
25 31 Jason MOORE

Watch the Qualification:http://www.formulatwo.com/news/qualifying-1.aspx



Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
Results first race

Wickens wins first race of the Formula Two season
30 May 2009
Canadian Robert Wickens, a member of the Red Bull Junior Team, has won the first F2 race to take place in 25 years after taking a commanding victory at Valencia today (Saturday). Robert took the win and the points lead of the 2009 FIA Formula Two Championship after a flawless drive from pole position. Carlos Iaconelli was second and Kazim Vasiliauskas third. Tobias Hegewald retired after running into a slowing Andy Soucek, causing a safety car period.

Wickens got a fantastic start off the line, whilst Tobias Hegewald got bogged down from second. Soucek and Iaconelli were able to jump the German driver on the run down to turn 1, whilst Mikhail Aleshin and Kazim Vasiliauskas fought behind. Lithuanian driver Vasiliauskas then made a great move on Aleshin at the final turn to move into fifth before the end of the opening lap.

Hegewald passed Iaconelli for third before the race began to stabalise up front. Mirko Bortolotti made good progress from 12th on the grid and was lying in 9th at the midway stage, before drama struck at the front of the field.

On lap 14, a slowing Andy Soucek exited turn 12 and an unsighted Tobias Hegewald made contact with the Spaniard. Both cars were out on the spot and a safety car was deployed.

At the restart, Wickens made another textbook getaway with Carlos Iaconelli settled behind in second. The fight for third continued as both Mikhail Aleshin and Julien Jousse pressured Vasiliauskas. Jousse made a move on Red Bull junior driver Aleshin, but the Frenchman ran wide coming out of turn two - handing fifth place to Philipp Eng. The Austrian himself then threw away the position by spinning on the final lap of the race.

Jousse was able to re-collect fifth at the finish ahead of a charging Mirko Bortolotti, whilst Henry Surtees and Alex Brundle rounded out the top eight.

There were some great tussles behind as Nicola de Marco, Jack Clarke and Sebastian Hohenthal scrambled to get in the points. None of the trio could manage it, although Italian De Marco was able to sneak past Clarke for ninth place late in the race.

The List:
1 R. Wickens MotorSport Vision 37:03.621
2 C. Iaconelli MotorSport Vision + 3.870
3 K. Vasiliauskas MotorSport Vision + 5.241
4 M. Aleshin MotorSport Vision + 8.554
5 J. Jousse MotorSport Vision + 9.922
6 M. Bortolotti MotorSport Vision + 10.904
7 H. Surtees MotorSport Vision + 11.319
8 A. Brundle MotorSport Vision + 12.326
9 N. de Marco MotorSport Vision + 12.913
10 S. Hohenthal MotorSport Vision + 13.976
11 N. Gachnang MotorSport Vision + 14.982
12 P. Eng MotorSport Vision + 17.675
13 J. Clarke MotorSport Vision + 17.916
14 G. Sanchez MotorSport Vision + 17.994
15 A. Ebrahim MotorSport Vision + 18.942
16 J. Moore MotorSport Vision + 20.724
17 H. Karjalainen MotorSport Vision + 22.076
18 J. Höing MotorSport Vision + 25.218
19 T. Gladdis MotorSport Vision + 27.296
20 P. Gandolfi MotorSport Vision + 37.711
21 J. Palmer MotorSport Vision + 48.195
Did not finish
22 A. Soucek MotorSport Vision + 9 laps
23 T. Hegewald MotorSport Vision + 9 laps
24 M. Pavlovic MotorSport Vision + 19 laps
25 E. Piscopo MotorSport Vision + 20 laps

A delighted race winner Robert Wickens, who was handed his trophy by FIA President Max Mosley, said: "It was a bit of a difficult race. I was able to get a good start and hold onto P1, but then Andy was able to put pressure on me for the opening laps so I had to push quite hard. Once I had a bit of a gap I just focussed on consistency and keeping it together."

"My car was very consistent and driveable and we made some changes before the race that went well. To be perfectly honest I would have preferred the safety car to not come out, because I had quite a healthy gap and was happy with where I was. I got a good restart though, and it's phenomenal to get the first win. It's a big boost in confidence - everyone goes into the first race wanting to win, so for me to do it is a great way to start the championship."

Carlos Iaconelli drove a good consistent race to take second, but the Brazilian admitted it was a tough race: "The race was not easy for anybody, but I made a good start and it went well," he said. "In the beginning I struggled with my brake balance, but I just tried to push hard and stay on track. It was quite difficult at times. I didn't know who was behind me when Andy went off, but I managed to avoid him and from there I just tried to guide the car home."

Surprise package of the weekend so far has been 18-year-old Kazim Vasiliauskas who is embarking on his first full season of car racing: "I'm really surprised because I started from P9," Vasiliauskas admitted. "My start was good and on the first lap I managed to pass some drivers on the inside and outside, and tried to chase down Hegewald. Then in the middle of the race I had some luck when Hegewald and Soucek had an accident, but I was fast as well."

"I had a lot of nerves after the safety car, because I only had one boost and thought I might struggle into the first corner, but after that I was a little bit faster and the race went well."

Championship leader Wickens will also start tomorrow's F2 race from pole position and the remaining 24 drivers will be fighting hard to make sure the Canadian does not score a clean sweep of victories on the opening weekend of the season...
GP Update


Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
Results second race

Wickens also wins second race at Valencia
31 May 2009
Robert Wickens took a lights to flag victory in the second race of the FIA Formula Two Championship this afternoon (Sunday) at Valencia, Spain. Italian Mirko Bortolotti finished in second, with Philipp Eng completing the podium placings.

Wickens got a clean start from pole, but soon came under pressure from Red Bull teammate Mirko Bortolotti. Andy Soucek made a poor start from second on the grid, and was passed off the line by Bortolotti, Philipp Eng and Nicola De Marco. Soucek was back up to fourth by the end of the opening lap after making a good move past De Marco.

Bortolotti tried everything to force Wickens into a mistake, but by the middle phase of the 17 lap encounter, both drivers settled into their respective positions. Behind the Red Bull pairing, Soucek was putting Eng under intense pressure for third. The 19-year-old Austrian held strong to take his maiden podium in F2, whilst Soucek had to settle for fourth. De Marco stayed in close contention throughout and crossed the line in an impressive fifth place, having seen off the attentions of Mikhail Aleshin - the Russian completing a top six result for all three Red Bull Junior drivers.

Edoardo Piscopo drove to a fairly lonely but consistent seventh place and Carlos Iaconelli rounded out the points finishers, after making a stellar move past Julien Jousse around the outside at Turn One. Tobias Hegewald repeated the trick on the Frenchman a lap later and finished ninth, whilst Jousse hung on to take tenth.

There was disappointment for female racer Natacha Gachnang who tangled with Alex Brundle on the opening lap - Gachnang retired on the spot, whilst Brundle pitted for repairs. Jolyon Palmer was tapped into the gravel and out of the race on lap one and yesterday's surprise package Kazim Vasiliauskas went off after making contact with Jousse in a battle for eighth place. The Lithuanian returned to the circuit at the back of the field, but was able to take the fastest lap of the race.

AT&T Williams F1 Director of Engineer, Patrick Head, presented the trophies to a delighted top three and there was no doubting that the inaugural FIA Formula Two Championship weekend belonged to Canadian Robert Wickens. Following his double pole position and double victory, the 20-year-old said: "It's pretty much the perfect weekend. From start to finish it has been good; we struggled a little in free practice but we didn't lose our cool and everything fell into place nicely - it's basically been a fairytale weekend."

"It was a good race, Mirko pushed me a lot at the beginning but it was just fantastic. I can't believe the weekend and the year have started so well. This is the best weekend of my career so far."
The list:

1 R. Wickens MotorSport Vision 25:22.024
2 M. Bortolotti MotorSport Vision + 5.911
3 P. Eng MotorSport Vision + 7.881
4 A. Soucek MotorSport Vision + 8.615
5 N. de Marco MotorSport Vision + 9.780
6 M. Aleshin MotorSport Vision + 11.707
7 E. Piscopo MotorSport Vision + 13.601
8 C. Iaconelli MotorSport Vision + 16.616
9 T. Hegewald MotorSport Vision + 18.826
10 J. Jousse MotorSport Vision + 21.577
11 G. Sanchez MotorSport Vision + 22.968
12 H. Surtees MotorSport Vision + 23.520
13 S. Hohenthal MotorSport Vision + 27.911
14 J. Moore MotorSport Vision + 30.365
15 H. Karjalainen MotorSport Vision + 31.059
16 A. Ebrahim MotorSport Vision + 31.966
17 M. Pavlovic MotorSport Vision + 32.704
18 T. Gladdis MotorSport Vision + 36.317
19 J. Clarke MotorSport Vision + 38.336
20 K. Vasiliauskas MotorSport Vision + 38.653
21 J. Höing MotorSport Vision + 46.489
22 P. Gandolfi MotorSport Vision + 1:01.306
Did not finish
23 A. Brundle MotorSport Vision + 16 laps
24 N. Gachnang MotorSport Vision + 17 laps
25 J. Palmer MotorSport Vision + 17 laps

GP Update