FIA clarifies rules on defensive manoeuvres

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    Quite significant, with immediate effect:

    "Formula One racing’s governing body, the FIA, has given drivers more specific guidelines on what is and isn’t permissible whilst defending one’s position on track ahead of this weekend’s 2016 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.
    Article 27.5 of the F1 Sporting Regulations states that “…no car may be driven…in a manner which could be potentially dangerous to other drivers…”. Furthermore, Article 27.8 prohibits any manoeuvre “…liable to hinder other drivers, such as…any abnormal change of direction”.
    With this in mind, the FIA’s F1 race director Charlie Whiting has now informed teams that any change of direction under braking which results in another driver having to take evasive action will be considered abnormal and hence potentially dangerous to other drivers. Any such move will be reported to the stewards."

    FIA, October 22nd 2016
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