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FFB Settings Logitech Driving Force Pro

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by lolasd, May 16, 2015.

  1. lolasd


    I just want to write down my Setup to share.


    Degrees of rotation 900°
    Overall effect strength 100%
    spring effect 0%
    damper effect 0%
    canter spring enabled and on 0%
    allow game to adjust settings.


    FFB 100%
    Tyreforce 100%
    Deadzone removal range 0.05
    Rest left to default.

    Car FFB Settings: (an example for the M3 GT)

    Masterscale: 48
    Fx: 80
    Fy: 40
    Fz: 40
    Mz: 120
    All smoothing set to 0.
    Arm Angle: 2100

    Body and SoP:

    Body left to default.
    SoP Scale: 60
    SoP Lateral scale: 10
    SoP Diff.: 10
    SoP Dampening: 0

    Tested on Watkins Glen.

    Would someone be so kind and test it out, want to know what could b improved.
    Thanks in advance
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