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Rhys Gardiner

Jul 8, 2008
Hey Guys,

Most of you will know me from the GTR Evolution section. I've recently been given rFactor and I've been having severe problems with my force feedback. Basically what's been happening is this: When turning the wheel, I seem to be "pulled" in the direction I'm turning. If it makes any sense, there's no resistance as I wind up the wheel, but there's a lot of resistance as I try to centre it. There doesn't seem to be any "spring" in the wheel when turning.

I don't have any driving aids turned on, and my wheel is a Logitech Driving Force EX.

Awaiting your replies...

Sam J Simpson

Jan 1, 2007

sounds like your feedback is set at 100% positive on the slider for strength, try running the slider all the way to the other end, ie. 100% negative, unlike most of the Simbin sims it is not just a "tick in the box" to give reverse settings, which most Logitech wheels need, so you have to do it with the strength slider which is a carry over from the F12k2/F1C days which ISI developed too.

I am assuming you are not using Realfeel yet which can reverse the FF through the ini or a hotkey, my advise would be to leave Realfeel alone until you get comfy with the game's other idiosyncracities then it's still down to personal prefs whether you do use it or not.

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