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FFB Keeps Changing

Hey all, I just wanted to share the strange experience I've been having with the FFB in ACC. I have made no changes to the in-game FFB or the settings on my Fanatec wheel but my force feedback has changed twice in a short period of time.
Here is a short rundown:
A) Before V1.7
I spent at least 10 hours tinkering to get my FFB to something I was happy with. It felt decent but the wheel felt pretty heavy and I had very little feedback from the front axle.
B) Version 1.7
As far as I'm aware there were no mentioned changes to the FFB in this update. Despite this my FFB changed significantly! The wheel felt significantly lighter and much more communicative. I finally understood what the front axle was doing and the feel of the rear also improved. Thanks to the change in FFB, I was able to be more consistent and faster than before V1.7.
C) The incident
I was trying to get out of my rig quickly and made the rookie error of turning my wheel off while the game was still running. This led to my FFB changing again... I think the front end feel is worse again (this might just be a placebo lol) and now when I go over some curbs while braking or in some cases normally at speed, my wheel vibrates quite violently.

I have no idea what causes these changes (this has never happened to me in any other sim) and wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience or maybe knows what's causing this. Ideally I would like to go back to the B FFB but my current setup is pretty good and I don't dare to touch anything.


try this:

cut and copy to the desktop ffbUserSettings.json it's in Documents \ Assetto Corsa Competizione \ Config

At the next start, acc will create a new one

after in the game , go to options , control and move the ffb cursor , for me that's the solution
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