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FFB Alternative for AccuForce Users


Here's a Steering Feedback Foundation alternative for AccuForce users. Rename to "AMS2 SFF.IADF" (remove .txt extension). Had to rename to attach here. You need to enable Write Shared Memory in Options > System.

I feel it has some advantages over game ffb and maybe some disadvantages.

I just duplicated this from my PC2 SFF and used it straight up. May have too much friction and damper by default so toggle/adjust those to your liking.

For those who don't know, AccuForce/SimCommander provide an alternative FFB implementation based on telemetry data independent from the game's ffb implementation. Some people prefer it, sometimes it just feels better, sometimes it can be used to mix in extra detail.


  • AMS2 SFF_IADF.txt
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