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Few more days to go. Will the prizes go to you?

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Bram Hengeveld

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Dec 26, 2006
On August 31st 2009 the entries for our skinning competition close and the public voting to decide a winner will start.

For those of you who have missed the announcement of earlier this month:

Proudly Presents:

Summer 09’s RTR Car Skin Contest

Win a Playseat!
And many more prizes...

Your winning design will become the official player’s car skin during the RTR Beta Test!

With the Participation of:


The Contest will run from the 1st of August until the 31st of August 2009. The full rules are available here

How do you participate?

Step 1: Register at RaceDepartment here!

Step 2: Download the skin template and partner logos here

Step 3: Create your skin for the Marcos MarcoRelly, available in GTR Evolution! The theme is: RTR by SimBin, iOpener Enabled. You can use any of the partners’ logos. No other logos/brands are allowed.

Step 4: Fill in the application form here (Wrong information will prevent you from receiving any prize, make sure to provide correct information)

Step 5: Upload your skin and an unedited ingame screenshot giving a clear preview of your creation here ! Note: Visitors will vote for your work with the help of your screenshot

How can you win?

As of Tuesday 1st September 2009, all visitors registered on RaceDepartment will be able to vote for their favourite skin!

From the top 10 voted skin, the Jury will select the winners.

The Jury is composed of:
  • Bram Hengeveld, RaceDepartment
  • Jarrod Crossley, RaceDepartment
  • Fernando Smit, CEO of Playseat
  • Walter Goossens, Marketing Manager of Zolder Circuit
  • Bert Moritz, owner of Moritz Racing
  • Henrik Roos, CEO of SimBin
  • Andy Lürling, CEO of iOpener
The winners will be announced on RaceDepartment and Real-Time Racing’s website as of Friday, 18th of September. Check for your name on the list!

What can you win?

The first prize is a Playseat !
Additionally, the winning skin will be used as the official player’s car skin during the Beta Test of RTR. Let all the beta testers see and play with your work!

Additional prizes, including Beta Test Keys and VIP tickets to the 2009 Zolder FIA GT, will be unveiled later on. Everybody has a chance to win!

By participating to this contest you hereby accept the Terms and Conditions.
So far some amazing skins have been submitted but we encourage everybody to participate. Be creative. Submit your entry. Win!

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