Ferrari F1 Wheel Problem


I have a Thrustmaster T500RS wheel base and the F1 Ferrari Wheel add-on. I haven't used it for a long time but when I recently pulled it out of the box and started using it again, the wheel base seems to think that the "Wet" switch (Input 8 in the Control Panel) is stuck in an "Always On" position. The switch operates completely as normal and there's no sign of breakage, but the input is just constantly "on".

I bought Project Cars for PS4 and everything works about it...except that I'm unable to pause the game. I'm also unable to change the mapping to a different button because when I do, the game gives me an error (because it reads multiple inputs). The regular T500RS wheel I have works perfectly fine, so I don't expect it's an error with the wheel base.

I called Thrustmaster and due to the fact that it's out of warranty, they're unable and unwilling to do anything.

So, I decided to take the wheel apart. I was hoping there was an obviously disconnected wire or something, but no dice.

Even worse, unplugging the switches entirely from the wheel still doesn't solve the problem. I don't know much about the inner-workings of the wheel but to me this implies it isn't a problem with the board with the switches on it, but somewhere else in the wheel. (Unplugging any other input from the wheel simply left the button unusable, as expected).

I've seen some really cool mods here and all kinds of wiring changes to these things so I was hoping someone could provide some insight into my problem.


Hi' I know this is a year old post, but I'm having the same problem. Anyone here have any idea how to fix this? Please.
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