feel this was overlooked (with caveat)

Discussion in 'Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo' started by yusupov, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. yusupov


    that major caveat being, it apparently doesnt recognize pedals connected by USB (im not sure what other major issues there are yet).

    posting this bc its on sale for another couple days & that might make it worth consideration for some people.

    surprisingly found ISRs review to be pretty spot on; afaik the only changes since are triple screen support & i at least havent noticed any performance issues.

    not dirt rally level, but a nice selection of content & its competent. way better than wrc5, which im enough of a junkie to have bought as well.
  2. bogani


    I wrote the following on another forum but I'll leave it here too.

    So I picked up a Basheboards CPX adapter to connect my Fanatec pedals directly to my Thrustmaster wheel.

    For this reason I've put SLRE through it's paces just out of curiosity and it's really astonishing how a developer can f*ck things up so bad and just leave it dead stranded after just a few weeks.

    In one way I'm actually a bit surprised as deep down this stinking pile or turd, there are actually traces of a descent physics engine. The horrible sounds, the many technical fu*k ups still makes this game unbearable.

    • Graphics wise it's hit and miss - At certain points the game ahchieve a realistic look with good lightning but it often falls flat. Some of the car models look great but some of them are strangely shaped.
    • Stages - There are more of them than in DR and they are narrow and quite enjoyable. Much better than in the WRC-games. However, IMO they have a generic feel to them. There are few spectators and they feel a bit lifeless and flat.
    • Sound - I don't think I need to say much here. It's horrible, plain and simple. Abysmal. Pathetic. My girlfriend asked what the f*ck was that sound when the so called anti lag kicked in.
    • Physics - If you can get the game to run with 60FPS and as long as you stick to FWD/4WD they are actually pretty good. A bit more on the slippy side than DR on gravel and snow, but or tarmac the cars feel tighter and more responsive than in DR. Particularly the 208PP feels more like I'd expect on tarmac, even after the latest DR patch. RWD cars behave nothing like a RWD car on any surface.
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