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Favourite user created sim content.

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Jason Palmer, May 17, 2015.

  1. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    I own good selection of PC base driving sims with some that are locked down with only the developers content and others that allow the community to build and add its own content and i enjoy both types for differing reasons depending on what i want to do .

    But this lead me to thinking about what my favourite pieces of modded content were, which then got me thinking about what other racers who have also use sims that allow modded content would list as there favourite or goto content.

    So to kick things off here are a few of mine,

    rFactor 2

    United Racing Designs EGT and T5 mods - http://www.unitedracingdesign.net

    Assetto Corsa

    Ginetta G55 - http://www.racedepar...-g55-gt4.96386/

    Seat Leon Super Cup - https://tpongracz.wo...assetto-corsa/

    Donington Park - http://www.racedepar...gton-park.3031/

    Thruxton - http://www.racedepar.../thruxton.6192/

    Game Stock Car Extreme

    Porsche Carrera Cup - http://www.racedepar...rrera-cup.2267/

    and and track converted by Patrick Giranthon - http://www.racedepar...-giranthon.525/

    So its over to you please let me know what modded content keeps you coming back for more as i would love to find a new hidden gem i maybe missing out on.

  2. Msportdan


    Rfactor 2

    Seat Series mod

    New palatov D4

    Miata mod
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    rF2 - Seat Leon SuperCup and URD PX/EGT
    Assetto Corsa - Donington Park
    SCE - Anything by Patrick Giranthon
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