Fastline error

i've problem with fastline. If i make a bridge i see the fastline on the bridge.
I will explain well:

I make a track with a bridge, fastline's node of the track under the bridge is attached on the bridge. If i erase the node the fastiline seems correct but in game i see the sign of the fastline on the bridge.

can you help me?

PS: sorry for my english

R Soul

It depends on how you've made the bridge. If it's a second track that crosses over the main track, go to the Edit/Switch Tracks window and deselect BTB Ground for the second track.
mmm not work for me.
I've only one track and when disable BTB ground the fastline dont go down but make a soft curve.... it remain on top of the bridge.

now i'm making a fantasy track.

Gary Gray

select the node on the fastline and press n hold Y and drag it below the bridge. Thats how I got round it :)
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