Faster Than Speed - Korea: A weekend to forget at Yeongam

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    Faster Than Speed didn't enjoy a great weekend at Yeongam, as Giuseppe Marconi finished a difficult World Championship Korean GP in 16th. Carlos Martín, who raced an FTS car in WC for the first time, had to retire early.

    Thomas Mundy saved a few points for the team in the World Series race.

    In the World Championship, Carlos Martín drove the FTS-P13 in a WC event for the first time, performing very well in Qualifying to start 12th. Team-mate Giuseppe Marconi qualified 18th.

    Carlos Martín's race started with a few difficulties, losing a few places in the opening laps. However, he inmediately delivered good rhythm on hard tyres, climbing to the top 10 before his first stop. He was an innocent victim in an incident involving Mallorqui and Keithley, who collided and left Carlos unable to avoid minor contact with the latter. Showing a good performance, Carlos caught up and overtook Alex Diaz. However, as Diaz and Van der Linden attempted to regain their positions, they made contact with Carlos on several ocassions. Van der Linden passed cleanly on his second attempt, but on lap 35, it all went wrong with Diaz. He briefly retook the position by making contact with Carlos, and as Carlos went side by side the following corner, Diaz violently shut the door, causing a collission which terminally damaged the suspension on Carlos' car, ending his race.

    Giuseppe, meanwhile, had a tough race. He made a big effort to race despite being unwell, but was unable to maximize his performance. Under the circumstances, he did a good job to reach the checkered flag in 16th place.

    In the World Series, Thomas Mundy had a very good showing in Qualifying, before suffering a lack of top speed which compromised his race. Damage from an incident in the closing laps did not allow him to see the finish line, but with only 3 remaining in the race, he was still classified inside 90%, scoring points for 16th position.

    In the World Trophy, Carlos Martín had a very short race after a troubled Qualifying in which he struggled with traffic. On lap 2, Guerrero surprised Carlos under braking. Carlos took avoiding action but touched the grass as he did so, losing control of his car and ending his race prematurely.

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