Faster Than Speed - Italy: Mikko climbs again through the field to finish 5th

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff


    Mikko climbs again through the field to finish 5th

    Don't miss our review of the FSR Italian GP, including the team's results and the round's gallery in the new Round page!

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  2. Ondrej Kuncman

    Ondrej Kuncman

    I love creative writing, but this belongs more to fiction rather than a factual race review: After running 6th in the first 11 laps, a minor moment under braking got him under attack by a competitor, who turned into the second chicane as if he was alone on track and collided with Patrick's FTS-P14. Marcel van der Linden drove an excellent first stint, even leading the GP for a full lap before making his pitstop. Unfortunately, a stop-and-go penalty for speeding in the pitlane compromised his chances, although he was still in the race for points. However, Marcel had to retire soon after, through no fault of his own.

    Firstly de wit got a justified penalty, agreed on by all FSR people who mean something. De Wit also didn't retire after he collided with the other car. He retired later, on his own in what seemed like a ragequit. Secondly, the only reason Linden led the race was the insanity in the strategy, for the 2nd time in last 3 races. Finally, whose fault was his retirement? Is he not responsible for himself that nothing is ever his fault? Oh wait that is dewit. Legally incapable.
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