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Faster Than Speed - Bahrain: FTS out of luck in the desert

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Christian Smirnoff, May 1, 2013.

  1. Christian Smirnoff

    Christian Smirnoff

    Faster Than Speed endured a difficult GP at Bahrain, with both Giuseppe Marconi and Zsolt Nagy unable to see the checkered flag in the World Championship race at Sakhir.

    Carlos Hernandez was on his way to a top-5 finish in the WT race when a brake failure dropped him to 13th. Despite the setback, Carlos took the team's first points of the season.

    In the World Championship, Zsolt Nagy and team-mate Giuseppe Marconi qualified in 15th and 20th places respectively. The race would unfortunately prove very short for the Hungarian, however. On the opening lap, Zsolt was unable to avoid the car of a driver that lost control ahead of him and they collided. While Zsolt returned to the pits for repairs, his FTS-P13 was unfortunately too damaged to continue.

    Giuseppe also suffered damage from hitting debris of the first-lap incidents. After making slight contact with Cabo, his front wing was damaged, causing him to need a longer than planned first pitstop. Despite the issues, Giuseppe drove a good race, using the hard tyre compound for most of the race and then switching to the soft tyre for the last stint. He battled with the Jasco Spain PSR drivers and the Brehm GP car of Varga. However, with his engine affected by the debris he hit in the opening lap, Giuseppe had to back off in the final laps to try to reach the finish line. Unfortunately, it was not enough and his powerplaint failed with 3 laps to go while has 12th. Due to Keithley's disqualification, Giuseppe was still classified inside 90% in 11th place, just a position away from scoring points.

    Giuseppe Marconi (11th): "My race started well and at first corner I gained 2 positions but at Turn 2 there was a crash with wings and car bits flying and I couldn't avoid them. Car was damaged like at Melbourne even if the balance was still good. I was able to stay in the train for some laps then I missed the braking point at the first turn and I touched a car in front. Front wing was damaged and the car was a bit undeersteery. I decided to continue until the first pitstop where I waited 10 seconds for car repairs. In the second stint I had some good battles with the Jasco Spain PSR drivers and Peter Varga. Before my second pitstop Peter tried an overtake between me and the pit wall. I saw him flying in my mirrors and I feared it was my mistake because I tried to close the space beside the wall to take the inside into Turn 1 but fortunately it wasn't. I'm sorry for his unlucky race end. When I pitted for the second time to do the soft tyres stint, we noticed that the engine wouldn't make it to the finish, so I decided to drive very smoothly trying to recover engine life. Nothing I could do, however, the engine let go with few laps to the end."

    Zsolt Nagy (DNF): "I got a bad lap in Q1, but even my best lap wouldn't have allowed me to be in Q2. At the race start, there were cars all over the place in the first turns. Just when I thought I got through them, someone spun right in front of me and destroyed my car. Race over."

    In the World Series, Kevin Russo made his FTS and FSR debut. While he was unable to pass the Pre-Qualifying cut by a few tenths, it was still a very valuable first experience for the young Argentinian and he is looking forward to make his race debut.

    In the World Trophy, Carlos Hernandez had a great Qualifying performance, setting the 8th fastest time in Pre-Qualifying before finding his way through to Q2 with the 10th quickest time in Q1. In Q2, he secured 6th on the grid. Carlos drove a strong one-stopping race, and looked set to finish in 5th place when a brake failure ended his chances. Without brakes, he was still able to take the car home, finishing a lap down in 13th place. Despite the disappointment, Carlos scored the team's first points of the season and will be hoping to repeat his performance in the next races.

    Faster Than Speed will be now heading to Shanghai, where FSR will contest its third race of the season, the Chinese GP. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@FTS_Racing) and Google+ for the latest news and live coverage from China!

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  2. Carlos Hernandez

    Carlos Hernandez

    For sure I will fight in China for a great result for FTS. Very good chronicle Christian :D