'Fast' circuits

Alex Kyriak

I'm looking for examples of 'fast' circuits - not too many chicanes, slow sections, complexes, etc.

Silverstone, for example, is generally regarded as a fast circuit (at approx 145mph average speed in F1), compared to say, Hungaroring which is tighter and slower.

Can anybody point me in the right direction of examples to look at? It doesn't have to be F1 only - a track that's 'fast' in GT1 / DTM / BTCC series, for example, would be of use to me. Thanks! (hope the question makes sense..! )
I don't understand what you are asking for. Want you names of tracks? Or BTB tracks files?

SPA it is a fast circuit, Montmeló (Circuit de Catalunya)... so the most F1 tracks are fast


Road America, most of the ovals, Monza, Bathurst, Castle Combe (for small cars), the old Zandvoort, Lienz.... Any of these is fast in almost any car.

Alex Kyriak

I think they do, yes. It's a beautiful track to drive and to race on. The part after the Carousel is hair-raising fast. :D
Yeah I checked out some champcars or indycars at RA on youtube - its very fast, and also quite alot of elevational changes.

I originally asked the question because I am refining my track, which I suspect is a bit too fast. But, as I naturally like faster flowing circuits, whilst I think I have to slow mine up somewhat, I don't want to over-slow it. I wanted to see what real world tracks were out there to compare, so Road America is quite relevant.

Will need to check out some of the others mentioned - Castle Coombe for example. Spa was mentioned as being quite fast - I suspect mine is more open than spa, in terms of tightness of bends. I was aiming to match it for sense of "flow" if that makes any sense.

Erwin Greven

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I don't think you know what i mean. A track that is according to you 4.83km or 3 miles can not have a straight longer than 4.2km or 2.6 mi in this configuration.

Eduardo Gonzalez

No, but it has straights long enough to reach 252-283 km/h in an hi-tech open-wheeler. Perhaps you didn't understood correctly what i said.

Erwin Greven

retired from this site.
Ok, maybe i didn't understood, because i am building a track wich is 15 miles and has straights wich are long enough to let cars, like the Porsche 917L, reach the 360km/h mark.


Well here is one that no one has said yet..... Old Hockenheim!! :O

Quickly off subject again... this circuit uploaded... is it fantasy or an actual circuit?


Old Hockenheim (1960's no-chicane) rF version is available and the 1930's version was converted sometime, I seem to recall.
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