Fantasy Quick Race Championships

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    Hi all,

    Since F1 2013 I have been running Quick Race fantasy championships, where I progress through the seasons, include driver transfers, driver improvement etc.

    This is a problem with F1 2016 at the moment, until we crack editing AI performance. Until then, I can't really progress to 2017 how I would like too, as I would like to increase performance of a few drivers etc. (I may have to go back to F1 2014 as a temporary fix to keep my fantasy seasons running!)

    Anyway, I love doing this, and thought some of you may be interested to see how my fantasy 2016 season progressed.

    Much the same, in many ways, with a good few surprises.

    I played as Valtteri Bottas.

    Screenshots of final standings below:

    For a more detailed look, I've included a link to the spreadsheet here (if anyone is interested, the actual spreadsheet has a backend I built to automatically update both driver and team tables with points, based on the results I put in - you can also edit the points system, and add points for quali/fastest lap if you want - PM me if you want a copy of the spreadsheet):