Fanfic: Legacy.

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    Legacy is a Fanfic of GT5, this is it's epilogue.

    At the last race of the season, Jason Marukta had a small gap at SSRX. The race was the finale of the X-league, the Red Bull backed event for the X2010. He had a 12 point gap over his rival, Markus Sukori.

    "What's my lead, race command?" Jason asked.
    "3 seconds over Sukori. That'll secure the title." Was the reply.

    It wasn't entirely won though. This was 2 laps before the end, and as Jason knew, it can all go wrong. His car had span on lap 33 of Monza 2 weeks before.

    The nearest car was ran by Red Bull themselves, it carried the RBR livery and was 3rd in its own championship. Red Bull drivers had complained about the fan not working properly before crashing out of 8 races. The driver was Louis Sebring. He had made his way from 7th to 2nd, he would secure 3rd and push for second if Sukori fell below 6th.

    The commentator observed: "Oh, this is close. The race can be split by Mr. Sebring, if he places 1st, that's it. It is wide open. He goes to make the pass, is he going to do it? He swings out of the draft to overtake, will he make it?"

    As the cars came close, Jason swerved to spook Sebring. He succeeded, as Sebring slowed he was overtook by Markus.

    "OH MY GOD. THIS IS AMAZING! Markus goes for Jason, the 2 champions are duelling close. THIS IS AMAZING!"

    The RBR was dropped to 4th in the rankings and 6th in the race. It wouldn't matter; he wasn't a contender.

    Back up front Markus had slipstreamed Jason well, he was 0.261 seconds behind and closing. Jason knew Markus wouldn't be phased by the swerve.

    "Race command, what's my lead?" Jason asked.

    "0.261 seconds. 2nd place is Markus."

    He was unsatisfied with the answer, he fended him off until the final curve when Markus was over taken by Alex Koenig, a 22 year old who had joined with SURGE racing. He had then reached the banking on Jason's blender.

    "Hey, Jason. Long time no see." He said, his grin going from ear to ear.

    "Wait… what? Who?…" Jason, in his 10 years racing was never speechless, but this! This was something else.

    Coming out of the turn, Jason had tried the same move he did on Sebring but ended up losing time and watched Alex slip past over the line.

    "What a race. Jason Markuta is champion! His 4th title, surpassing rival Markus Sukori's record. But the real surprise HAS to be Alex Koenig, he came from last to first and secured 3rd after knocking the RBR team from the top 3, SURGE racing is now 4th overall. Is he a future champion? Lets ask the 2 greats."

    Jason: "That was… unbelievable! For him to go from last to first is good enough in my car but in his SURGE? A-MAZ-ING!"

    Markus: "He's a kid. He broke the championship up by blocking me when I was so close to P1, luckily he is just a flash I lightning."

    Jason took the title and turned to Markus, shook his hand and said "You are amazing. Honestly, and a true friend."

    Markus replied with a forced smile and "All I can say is you deserve this title."

    They both turned to Koenig, shook hands and started talking to fans and press.

    Koenig however, had other priorities and simply hopped in his Subaru, he took the highway from Fukuoka to his home in the north. Off to see his good friend, Furai Ito, he had his own racing aspirations; to be the top International Touring Driver, him and his trusty Infiniti G37 racer, resplendent in Matte Black.

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