Fanatic Podium Hub discontinued/out-of stock/being upgraded?


As luck would have it, I bought the Fanatec Podium Hub for my birthday and received it a few weeks ago.

I need to drill a steering wheel for the three bolt pattern and looked all over the Fanatec site for the drilling template only to find no support materials for the Podium Hub.

Searching for "Podium Hub" on the Fanatec website yields several products, but not the Podium Hub..

Searching "Fanatec Podium Hub" on Google and clicking on the Fanatec US and European page results, one learns the product has been discontinued.

Some are speculating the Podium Hub and associated wheels are being upgraded to the new quick release system, so this is a temporary out-of-stock issue:

The curious thing is Fanatec typically great at offering older product support, but the Podium Hub seems to have been scrubbed from the website.

Anyone else with any intel to add?
I actually opened a thread about this the other day as I was going to buy that and a round rim. Unfortunately I did not hear any more information on the topic. Perhaps it's being updated for QR2.0. As they seem to be unveiling a lot of products it may be a matter of time.
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