Fanatec V2 pedals not working when wheel plugged in.

Hi All,

Hoping someone has experienced something similar with their Fanatec clubsport pedals in the past and knows a solution.

I have fanatec clubsport v2 pedals and a thrustmaster tx both connected to individual USB's. As of this morning my pedals do not working when the wheel is plugged in. When I disconnect the USB for the wheel the pedals operate perfectly however as soon as I plug in the wheel the accelerator and clutch values go to 100% and stay there. There is no issue with the load cell brake pedal.

So interestingly I don't even need to fully plug the USB in from wheel, all I need to do is touch the wheel USB against the housing of any USB port on my PC and the values for my pedal fail.

Even if I unplug the power to the TX wheel base the fault is the same.

The pics below are with the pedal and wheel plugged into a surface pro for demonstration however the fault is exactly the same on my PC.

Any thoughts?


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