Sell Fanatec V2 Base, V2 Pedals, BMW + F1 Rims Bundle

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    Selling as a package, not in parts. If you are interested in parts, you can let me know which one, and if it isn't sold after a specific amount of time, I may consider selling in parts.

    This package is for the Fanatec V2 Base, V2 Pedals, BMW rim, and F1 rim only. I've not seen this type of complete package before, so buy now to avoid disappointment.
    The buyer of this package gets priority, so the shifter and table clamp are optional extras for the buyer of this package to decide if they want to buy them too. If they don't, I will put these extra parts up for sale, separately.

    As a sound modder, I check sounds rather than play the racing game competitively. Therefore, I use an Xbox One controller to drive the cars I make, so this whole package does not even have 50 hours of use since new. However, as always, please expect minor item imperfections from general use, but everything is working properly, and as a very clean owner, I made sure the products were well looked after. I also have all the original boxes.

    Equipment For Sale

    Fanatec V2 Base: owned since February 2015 from new - my price £520
    Fanatec V2 Pedals*: owned since July 2014 from new - my price £155
    Fanatec BMW Rim: owned since November 2014 from new - my price £180
    Fanatec F1 Rim: owned since November 2014 from new - my price £145
    Fanatec Clubsport V2 Clamp: owned since December 2014 from new - FREE

    The original price for all these parts are over £1300 including UPS postage from Germany. Fanatec products are in high demand and very well engineered to not warrant much of a discount.
    However, I am asking for £1000 + postage.

    Optional Extras

    (Optional) Thrustmaster TH8 RS: owned from new since 2014 - £75

    All parts are still under warranty as Fanatec has 2 years warranty for EU countries from the date of sale.
    All extra things such as brake fluid, screws, wheel bags etc, are included. The items are in their original boxes.

    Postage to the UK
    The boxed size and weight of:
    •the V2 base (according to the Fanatec website) is Size (L x W x H) : 46.00cm x 28.50cm x 27.00cm
    Weight: 8.30kg
    •the V2 pedals are similar to the V3 pedals at: Size (L x W x H) : 42.50cm x 28.00cm x 41.00cm
    Weight: 9.13kg
    •the V2 table clamp is: Size (L x W x H) : 39.50cm x 25.00cm x 23.00cm
    Weight: 4.52kg
    •the Formula rim is: Size (L x W x H) : 31.00cm x 22.00cm x 20.00cm
    Weight: 2.73kg
    •the BMW M3 GT2 rim is: Size (L x W x H) : 37.80cm x 19.80cm x 40.00cm
    Volume weight: 5.99kg

    The lowest price on is £48.41 with TNT 24 hour delivery.
    On there is a £38.04 option with Yodel XpressPack 24, and a £36.54 option for Yodel XpressPack 48.
    There is also a Hermes UK Economy delivery which costs £33.42.
    Finally, there is a ParcelForce Multi 12 Noon option which costs £47.34.

    More delivery options from other companies such as TNT, UPS and Yodel exists, but are more expensive. Please bear in mind, these listed prices exclude any additional insurance (which I don't think many people buy anyway) so please keep in mind the reputation of the company you would be interested in using if you wish to buy this Fanatec bundle.

    UK delivery only, unless you are willing to pay the high postage fees, and take the shipping risks.
    If you are in London, England, you can also come and collect!

    No deals, discounts, swaps, or offers please. I am not desperate to sell.


    *wooden floor board for the pedals not included
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  2. NeverKrash

    Pro Sound Designer. RSS Director.

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