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Fanatec Sequential + paddles issue


I use a Fanatec CSL Elite base + 1.5 Shifter:

The thing I want to do, is to shift with both the wheel paddles and Sequential shifter when I want, without remapping in the options. I've read to do this, I must check the box : "map sequential shifter to the shifter paddles" in the Fanatec driver. I did this, but it won't work... The Shifter is connected to the wheelbase, so that can't be it.

Does anyone know about this issue, or knows how to fix it?
When you've checked the box to map the shifter to the paddles do they both show the same number when pressed? Should be 4 and 5 if I remember correctly.
That's weird, with that checked they both should be registered as 5 and 6. You're definitely pressing apply/okay after checking it?

I'm afraid I don't know what else to suggest, other than making sure you're using the latest drivers and firmware from the fanatec website (might be worth reinstalling them anyway). If that all fails I guess the live chat on the fanatec website might be the best call, see if they can work our what's going on.


I could be wrong, but I don't use a shifter other than the paddles on my GT3 Wheel, I would think you could do it, but obviously a different saved profile for controls may be the option.
Interesting idea you have, regardless. Good luck.
If the default method isn't working, another option would be to use AutoHotKey to map both shifters to the same keyboard press.

The code in the script you'd need would be something like this:
5Joy5::[ ;
5Joy6::] ;
5Joy29::[ ;
5Joy30::] ;

Where '5Joy' is the joystick ID for your wheel (found using JoyIDs.exe) and the number after that correlates to your Fanatec button number. This then applies the keyboard input of '[' or ']' when those buttons are pressed, so in game you map those to gear shifts.
Thx for all your input. I really can’t do it via the driver... so I use ‘joytokey’ for a custom profile and that works great...

Stays weird that I can’t do it the normal way though...
When I try to do this it maps the sequential gear stick the wrong way round for gear changes.
rFactor 2 has it in the software to map alternative shifters though.