Fanatec PWTS Modified Button Layout

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    I found the default layout of buttons clumsy & confusing so I have edited the actionmap file.

    Upon starting game do not use keyboard - Press wheel button A to start

    In Menus these are the main buttons used
    Button 2 = wheel button A = Start
    Button 3 = wheel button B = Back
    Button 7 = wheel button above RSB (blank) = Navigate Left
    Button 1 = wheel button X = Navigate Right

    In Game
    Left Paddle = Gear Down
    Right Paddle = Gear Up
    Left Stick Button (LSB) = Look Behind
    Right Stick Button (RSB) = Look Left
    A Button = Look Right
    B Button = OSD (Tyre Temp/Fuel etc.)
    Button 7 = KERS
    Button Y = DRS
    Button X = Camera Select
    Back Button = Replay/Flashback
    Start Button = Pause Game

    During Replays
    Left Paddle = Stop/Play
    Brake = Rewind
    Accelerator = Fast Forward

    * I have made 2 layouts, the default Brake=Brake and option of using Clutch as Brake which I prefer *

    Included also is original actionmap for PWTS post patch #2
    Copy / Overwrite original file in /F1 2012/actionmap directory

    Leave Feedback please :)

    This site will not let me upload so I use putlocker - Enjoy !
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