FANATEC Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2

Rob Simms

Dec 9, 2008
This is what is am using atm and I posted over at the Project Cars forum as GTsimms. In game adjust as here .09 on Deadzone Removal Range in game. Wheel Sen OFF, FF 40, Sho 100, dri off, Abs 65-70, Lin 0, dEA 0, SPr off, dPr off. The standard Fanatec profiler settings. The tire force might need to be dropped in the range of to 90 to 100(edit set to 95).

Wheel Settings Update
Sen 900 or OFF
FF 30-40 or
Sho 100
dri off
Abs 65-70
Lin 0
dea 0
dpr off


.09 Deadzone Removal Range
95-100 Tire Force (95 seems to give a better feel of the rumble strips)
95-100 Configuration:FFB
(If using wheel FF 90 it should be within 40-55 ffb ingame)

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