Fanatec new driver version 200 and CSW firmware 53

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    New driver version 200 and CSW firmware 53
    • Time to upgrade your wheel. The new DRIVER brings a lot of new features and the new firmware for the ClubSport Wheel does not only support the new Universal Hub but also brings several improvements in the force feedback.

      Driver v200 (for all Fanatec wheels):
      • Now shows the
        firmware version of our wheels (CSW, CSRE, CSR, GT3V2, GT2, PWTS) in the
        “update” tab of your device.
      • The driver can carry a
        new firmware for the CSW directly and the updater for the CSW is included as
        well. It will start automatically if you set the CSW into bootloader mode.
      • Automatic detection if the your CSW has an older firmware installed than the one which is
        included in the driver.
      • New firmware for CSW
        (V53) included!
      • The driver also
        contains both firmwares for the CS USB Adapter and asks you which mode you want
        to use (handbrake or shifter)

      • In the update tab you
        can start the FW updater to change the firmware from handbrake to shifter and
        “vice versa”
      • Handbrake bar for CSP
        added (if handbrake is connected directly to the CSP)

      New functions of firmware 053 for CSW (ClubSport Wheel Base):

      • Improved wheel centering after boot up
      • "Center bump issue" has been improved significantly. More improvements will have other negative side effects so this is the optimum.
      • New rims added
      • DPR, SPR and FOR max. settings are now set to 150 (%) to avoid overclocking
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    Mid pack attack! Premium

    Awesome news!
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    Thomas has stated on the Iracing forum that Rims will be up this Week and a New Surprise on Monday................oh my oh my...... What Could it be.......
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