Fanatec mclaren gt3 wheel misshift

hugo lima

Original poster
Sep 4, 2017
have bought a gt3 wheel in march 22 2019 , and a week of use later the misshift start to happen, a day after the wheel is unusable, i live in Brazil, so just when I return to us i’ll be able to send it to fanatec. Its unforgivable that they still sell this wheel whit the faulty shifter. C’mon a year has passed and they still haven’t solved. Crapy wheel. Still trying to understand why i have bought, sure, it’s stunning wheel, but with issues that came from the release , they just should stop selling.
Nov 24, 2018
Man, I have experienced the same situation. I bought on a week ago. Misshifts started to happen on last monday. It's very intermitent. I live in Brazil too and there's no way I could send it to US. If the problem persist, I will try to adapt that poor snapdomes to real switchs.
I found some solutions on reddit:

Some say that if you bend it maybe could "fix". Just put both hands on pads and push then away from you a little bit. I will feel a little move. Stop there and try it.