Fanatec Formula Rim issue

Alex Townsend

Original poster
Aug 25, 2009
Just hoping to see if any of you have had anything similar happen with Fanatec Formula Rim.

I have the Fanatec CSW v1 base along with the BMW GT2 and Formula Rims

The BMW rim works fine with no issues but the Formula Rim is acting up.
Sometimes I'm racing and the engine cuts out, I lose FFB and the control for flashing the lights all happen at the same time. Also the light around the power button on the base turns from Red to White.
Sometimes this happens after turning the wheel and randomly other times.

I've checked the CSW base main cable and it's fine. I've also tightened the quick release on both the rim and the base but still have the issue with the F1 rim which I cannot replicate with the BMW rim.

Anyone else had the same issue or know of a solution?


Jun 1, 2016
Not seen anything like that when I had the V2 and 2.5 bases. Try checking the little allen bolt that connects the electronic piece both inside the rim and the wheelbase. I've had that come loose on me and made me think that the base was malfunctioning. I didn't lose FFB, it just acted really erratic.

Don't tighten it TOO much because you can round the hex slot but you should be able to tell if it's loose.