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Fanatec CSW setup question

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Competizione' started by Mark Oates, May 31, 2019.

  1. Mark Oates

    Mark Oates

    So I'm setting up my dad's Fanatec Csw 2.0 wheel base. I noticed that w 100ffb set inside acc, it was going into the red, and the wheel felt like garbage as you'd expect. So I lowered acc ffb to 90, and that's fixed the redlining, but I'm wondering if its ok to bump the CSW Force setting up 10%. Is this bad for the wheel, or just bad in general? Any advice on best settings for this wheel base would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. RasmusP


    Raising the overall ffb or the "force" above 100 will simply raise the ffb input exactly like raising a game slider.
    The base hard limits the force output in both occasions.
    I wonder that you need the maximum output of the csw 2.0 though.
    I'm on a csw 2.5, same power output afaik.
    I'm using 60% in game and 75% on the base.
    The lower the game output and the higher the base ffb setting, the more dynamic you'll have.
    The higher the game output and the lower the base setting, the less dynamic you'll have.

    For me, 60 ingame, 75 base is a good mix between having dynamic ffb while cornering but not ripping off my hands over sausage kerbs.

    I never touch the other settings in the base. Force, damper, spring all at default, 100.

    Do you have the drift mode setting and fei setting?
    I use dri = - 1 and fei = 90

    900 degree in base and sim.
    1% min force , 100 dynamic dampening, 5 Road effects.
  3. Augusto Dufloth

    Augusto Dufloth

    It’s important to keep damper at 100, as the low speed resistance is transmitted though this channel. Spring has no effect in ACC.

    I run my ACC str at 90% to avoid clipping and in wheel base I like it between 70-90%. Above 100% in wheel will not clip, but will increase the internal current, which will reduce your theoretical lifespan.

    In long races it could generate more heat and possibly reduce ffb precision until colder
  4. Mark Oates

    Mark Oates

    @Augusto Dufloth @RasmusP Thanks for the input. I tested my dad's rig and settled for 75 in game, and 90 in wheel settings. Clip is practically nowhere to be found now, and it seems better. I may put the wheel base at 100, but it feels good and I notice after a session the fans aren't running full blast....so.... probably best to leave it at 90. Thank you again for the info.

    The other aid, that I didn't think about was the sound. I turned everything down to 50% except tires noise,and it seems easier to associate the sound of crubbing with the ffb. Anyway, thank you guys for the info.
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