Fanatec CSW Base V2 Show "AEI" in display of GT2 wheel

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by elpolan, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. elpolan



    Recently I have bought a Fanatec CSW Base V2 and the first time that i run GSCE in the display of the BMW GT2 whell showed "AEI". The wheel woks fine, the deegres are perfect automatly and the FFB works fine. I installed the fanaleds but the message AEI is showed. The revs led don´t work

    Some solution?
  2. Diego Balzarini

    Diego Balzarini

    Something happened when we got last release... Fanaleds where working before that.
    I own a CSR and have the same problem. I assume that some of the source code was changed and fanaleds needs to be changed too.(I could be wrong,I dont know anything about programming).
    I don't think there's any solution... Yet..
    Enjoy your new wheel:)
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