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Fanatec CSW 2.5 lurching around center

On some cars the deadzone lurch is barely noticable, but other cars, with the same wheel settings, has a decided lurch from side to side as the top/center area is crossed. It's almost like digital steering input(press X car jumps left/Press Z the car jumps right. Outside of the deadzone region, the steering feels ok.
Might as well as for some Fanatec CSW 2.5 settings while I'm at it.
rF2 is fine, I hadn't used AC for a time and the first car I chose was very chunky around the middle. The second car was much better but I could still feel the two borders just very lightly. I'm fairly certain I drove the first car without any drama in the past. So this has jumped out at me.

I redid the profile in Fanalabs and the chunkiness is greatly reduced. However, while it is smooth now across the center area, it feels like a small tug is repeated every 1/2 second or so during long constant radius corners. It is now like Turn...tug tug tug tug...exit These little tugs are much smaller than my original jerks but are clearly noticeable. (at least it is driveable now)
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From what I've read the latest driver has some issues with the csw 2.5.
The latest version has this new firmware updater thing. I'm still using an older one, I think 383 and no fanalabs and I don't have anything that would fit your description.

If you don't need fanalabs for other sims or the latest firmware, I would recommend to downgrade to the version from the csw 2.5 download page:

It's the 381 version from November but I think I'm on the beta right before the new update procedure...

Anyway here are my settings:

Assetto Corsa:
- 900°
- Gamma 1
- Scale 100%
- "Auto Adjust scale to match car's steer lock": off!
- Filter 0%
- Speed sensitivy 0%
Gain 40-70% whatever you like, depending on the ff level in the base.

- min force: 1.5% (to make the center a bit tighter
- filter 0%

- Kerb 2%
- Road 5-10%
- Slip: for drifting 0%!!! For driving, about 20%
- ABS: 20%
- Enhanced understeer: off
- soft lock: off

- enable ffb post processing: off
- unlock experimental: off
- gyro: off
- damper gain: 100%
- min damper level: 0%

Custom Shader Patch:
FFB Tweaks: active
- More physically accurate gyro implementation: ACTIVE! It's awesome!
- strength: 25%
- range compression: 100%
- range comp. assist: off
- output real steering forces: off

Fanatec tuning menu:
- sen 900
- FF 60-100%
- SHO 100%
- ABS: 95%
- DRI: -2
- FOR 100%
- SPR 100 %
- DPR 100%
- FEI 100
- BRF: your choice
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