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Fanatec CSW 2.5 + Formula v2 Rim shaking while going straight

No I only highlighted them as they would be the one causing the issue.
But they are correct.

I have no further idea sadly.. Are you using content manager? It has a habit of reloading control configs.

If you use it, please post a Screenshot of your controls section.

But it feels like you should try to re install the game....
Backup your mods, pp filters or whatever you customized and then uninstall the game from within steam, check the installation folder to wipe that, delete the documents/Assetto corsa folder too and start fresh.

It's definitely not normal with the oscillation...

It's a weird one - What makes me wonder about it being related to CM (Which I do use) is that the same issue is present in ACC, but not any other racing game I play (F120xx, Dirt Rally, AMS 2 as examples) - yet I play AC/ACC the most.

I've definitely tried uninstalling the game (Including mods as they're easy enough to get back) and re-installing, but it hasn't helped in the past - happy to try again though.

Now that I think of it, My D-Pad doesn't work for the pit strategy window in AC, yet it does for ACC - it used to, but stopped while I was still using my logitech. On that I could just bind the keyboard arrows to the D-Pad which worked, but I can't seem to do that on my fanatec without using something like Joy2key (which ALSO never seems to work)...

Maybe I'm just not meant to sim race? (or 3D print, or play guitar or basketball as I always have issues with those hobbies as well)
Got the following advice from someone at Fanatec -

"I suggest going to back to v346, and don't use FanaLab or any other software. This is the driver version that the support team often suggests to customers when troubleshooting. Ensure that you install both the base and motor firmware after installing this driver.

If it's still behaving strangely, it's probably worth re-installing the games."

I did both, so I don't know which one helped in this case, but it worked - all my wheel issues are gone and it works how I thought it should