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Fanatec CSR Setting advice

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Phil Dawson, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Phil Dawson

    Phil Dawson

    Hopefully somebody can shed some light on this.

    Using a fanatec CSR wheel, I notice that wheel on screen does not match the input I make with the wheel, however, it feels like my wheel input is correct. So essentially, it's as if the motion in game and my wheel is correct, but the onscreen wheel doesn't, sometimes only turning very slightly even though I am at 90degrees with the wheel.

    If I use the game settings and tell it to override my wheel then the wheel and screen match, however the FF feels weak and poor, the steering lock is also quite weak too.
  2. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

  3. Phil Dawson

    Phil Dawson

    That's where I copied my settings from.

    I do however, only have access to ffn strength and wheel weight, if select to override the wheel options.

    At which point the ffb is very weak, with a steering lock that you can go past before it pulls it back to the lock a fraction after you have already steered past it.
  4. Kent Bergstrom

    Kent Bergstrom

    Here is my Xbox 360 settings (I use Elite pedals)

    Fanatec CSR Settings

    SEN = 330
    FF = 90
    SHO = 100
    DRI = Off
    ABS = 85
    LIN = 0
    DEA = 0
    SPR = -2
    DPR = -3
    ACL = Off

    In Game Settings
    Steering Deadzon = 0.50
    Steering Saturation = 0
    Steering Linearity = 0
    Throttle Deadzone = 0
    Throttle Saturation = 0
    Brake Deadzone = 0
    Brake Saturation = 10

    Force Feedback

    Environmental Effects = 100
    Feedback Strenght = 100
    Wheel Weight = 20