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Fanatec CSL progressive braking

Evening guys, I after some advice please regarding Fanatec CSL pedals with load cell. I'm after a more progressive braking setup to what I have at the moment.

I have the stiffest rubbers in there at the moment along with the white foam thingy which is pretty much on/off braking, any softer and I miss the turning.

But I'm after more of a hydraulic feel to my braking. Does anyone have a Raceroom and pedal rubber combo setup they could recommend for me to try out and fine tune to my liking.

I'm also in the process of looking at miniature hydraulic dampers to replace the rubbers completely as an iff the shelf kit isn't available for the CSL pedals.

Many thanks


Fanatec Community Manager
Hi @hobsey , the CSL Elite Pedals LC brake should not feel like an 'on/off' switch unless you are running very high load cell sensitivity (BRF on lowest values) and slamming the pedal too hard at each braking zone (in other words, you are going through 0 to 100% brake input almost instantly, making it feel like a digital switch). If you reduce the load cell sensitivity (set BRF on higher values), then the extra pedal effort required to achieve 100% brake input should feel much more progressive. This is largely unrelated to the elastomer springs, although the chart in the Loadcell Kit Quick Guide gives advice on what springs should be used relative to the BRF value. I suggest that you experiment with different cominbations of elastomer springs and BRF values - you might find a setting that is more suited to your driving style.
Spot on, thank you very much.

This was the sort of answer I was hoping for and I will definitely be experimenting with the BRF values.

I'm not sure what they are on at the moment, hopefully the BRF value isn't low giving me the opportunity to increase it.

Many thanks for your detailed reply.