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Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base Options

Warren Dawes

I'm planning on getting a Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel, which will only be used on PC. Both of the Wheel Bases available seem very similar except for compatability to PS4 or XBox1, and their external appearance. These are the two options:



Can anyone advise whether there are any basic functional differences if I'm going to use it exclusively on PC. I'll most likely mate it up with the P1 Wheel:
Since there is a price difference between the two wheel bases, I was wondering if there would be any functional differences in my case. Yes, I'm in Australia.

Any advice appreciated.
The motor driver electronics in the CSL Elite Xbox is an older version which can't be updated resulting in a difference in the Drift Mode. In Drift Mode with CSL Elite Xbox you have values: OFF/1/2/3/4/5. From 1 to 5 is adding an artificial acceleration on the wheel, the OFF position is applying artificial damping,
In Drift Mode with CSL Elite PS4 you have values: -5/-4/-3/-2/-1/OFF/1/2/3/4/5. The negative values from -5 to -1 apply artificial damping, the OFF position turns off the artificial damping and from 1 to 5 is adding an artificial acceleration on the wheel.


Fanatec Community Manager
Hi Warren, super_gt's statements are correct. If you are looking to purchase a CSL FFB system exclusively for PC use, I would recommend that you go with the CSL Elite Racing Wheel for PS4 (CSL E RW PS4) or CSL Elite Wheel Base + (CSL E WB+), as it offers improved damping/rotational characteristics compared to the CSL Elite Wheel Base (CSL E WB).

Furthermore, if you are considering the CSL Elite P1 wheel, then you should also consider going with the CSL Elite Racing Wheel for PS4 (CSL E RW PS4) instead, as this package includes a P1-type steering wheel that is very similar to the Elite P1 (but without the Microsoft security chip). The metal finish is slightly different, and the grip is a combination of Alcantara and leather (rather than full Alcantara), but it is otherwise the same. Combining the CSL E WB+ with the CSL Elite P1 would give you the benefit of an FFB system that worked on all three platforms, but if you are only planning to use it on PC, then the CSL Elite Racing Wheel for PS4 (CSL E RW PS4) makes more sense.