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Fanatec CSL elite vs Thrustmaster TS-PC? which to buy?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by dave kirk, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. dave kirk

    dave kirk

    Which do I buy?
    I have several steering wheels for the Thrustmaster already, I like my T300 and would be happier with just more power.
    But I am wondering if the CSL elite is better/more powerful?

    Does anyone have experience with both?

  2. RasmusP

    AC Stuff and G27 help Staff

    No experience with either one but I'm lurking a lot because I want to replace my g27.
    From what I read they are pretty much the same, some like the CSL better, others the Thrustmaster. The recommendations end mostly with "take the one you prefer the economy system".
    So you say that you already have rims for thrustmaster?
    Take the Thrustmaster :)

    What I also read: the CSL pedals with the loadcell seem to be the best loadcell bang for the buck :p
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  3. dave kirk

    dave kirk

    Yeah I have the CSL elite LC pedals and love them, i am really happy with the feel.
    Yeah with the wheelbases I tried finding a few reviews comparing but I can only find the Inside Racing video, and those guys are so bought and paid for i don't trust their opinion at all. I am aiming more towards the TS-PC but I have seen a few complaints about it.
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  4. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Honest review by sim racing girl:
  5. Full_Ninja


    I have the ts-pc and like it but also don't have experience with any other so not that valuable of an opinion.

    One thing to consider is Fanatec is releasing a DD wheel that might be worth waiting for but might also be out of your price range.
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  6. RacingManiacGT1


    I just recently went from a T500RS to a TS-PC, I was pretty impressed by the differences between the 2. T300 is probably closer to the smoothness of the TS-PC vs the older T500RS, but the power from the TS-PC being comparable to T500RS is pretty noticeable too.
  7. cr4wl3r0


    I am quite happy with ts-pc racer and I can confirm what RacingManiacGt1 says about the three Thrustmaster wheels.
    Also the open wheel of the ts-pc is effective and could be definitive.
  8. testdriver77


    Ive got my TS-PC today and had before an G27 and tha last one was the Fanatec Porsche Gt2 V2.

    The Fanatec was not bad with its ffb but the Ts-Pc is several times better! :confused::)
    We dont need to talk about its strength...driving it at the moment at 75% in Assetto and its just powerful.
    Also i notice much more details from tracks where i didnt experienced it on the Fanatec. :thumbsup:
    Crazy! Just tested the F1 cars and the wheel is submitting very detailed, smooth and also direct ffb.
    Now its very funny to drive a car.....doesnt matter which kind of car! ;)
    The quality of the hardware (first look and touch) is very high for a "customer ready product".
    Meanwhile 5h driving behind me and i am very happy about it.

    One thing is worth to mention... dont know what TM thought as they thought about length of the cable from and to the power supply... It must lie on my desk because the cables are too short to place the power supply on the floor etc....
    The desk clamp is very stiff and i hadnt problems during driving.
    THe shifter paddle sound is little bit "clicky" but its not a big deal because i always driving with a 5.1/7.1 headset so at the end i dont hear it.
    The base itself is very quiet and the small fan at the back its noticable but in my opinion a quite one.

    Imo a very good wheel and base combo!;):cool:
    Tomorrow i will test it with Dirt Rally.
    I am not fully sure if it will work with that rim form.... but its good to know that there is a solution for that ;)
  9. Allan Ramsbottom

    Allan Ramsbottom

    Im looking at upgrading my tired out G27,have you thought of the T-GT??