Fanatec CS v3 settings


Original poster
Mar 30, 2011
Hey guys, having some problems with throttle sensitivity in F1 2019 with my v3 pedals. Struggling so hard to keep the back end from coming round. Mainly coming out of slow corners - sensitivity in this game is insane! Even with maxed out throttle linearity I'm just snaking all over the place putting the power down, 20-30% throttle all the way up to 3rd or 4th gear. To the point where it feels like I have to crawl out of corners to not lose it. Any slight degree of steering angle and it wants to kill me, no matter how progressively I put the power down. I have zero problems in any other games. Just this F1 game where the sensitivity is ridiculous.

Anyone have similar issues or any suggestions how I can tone it down. I feel like I've tried everything possible, it's just the cars/game so a load of practice is needed.