Fanatec Clubsport Wheels

Andrew Harper

Dec 1, 2014
Hi everyone,

I currently own a slightly older generation Thrustmaster F1 Wheel. Done some mods to it (which I will post here soon if people are interested) and was planning on using this for a while. Priority was to get a faster system and so on.

Unfortunately my setup has decided to put a spanner in the works, because the pedals are cracking at the hinge mechanism and they are now useless.

In an ideal world I would l love to get a set of pro-pedals (like the DSD or HE Pro's) because I love my racing and they would last for a long time anyway, so don't mind the cost. Trouble is apart from HPP in the US everyone is either on the verge of production or late for production or the companies don't exist anymore. Been keeping an eye on their sites since last October and it's just slightly frustrating.

I did also consider the 3 pedal T3PA addon (which I think will work) but no-on seems to have stock of it, and would've helped me out until I can upgrade later on.

My only real option is the Fanatec Clubsports, trouble is with all the reports and forums I keep reading I'm a little concerned about their reliability.

Can the CS Pro owners put my mind at rest please! haha.


dksRacing Kaney
Dec 30, 2014
hear you Andrew !!
I have just purchase a full compliment of Fanatec kit………. because of the all the bleats on here regarding failures I ended up purchasing both CSR Elite and the ClubSport V2 pedals !!!
Mental I know but at least if one should fall down I can just bolt in the other pedals. Crazy but did that just because of all the feedback !! Had these on just only a few days so will keep you posted.

They are though VERY NICE ;)
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