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Fanatec Clubsport V2.5

I am currently using the Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 wheel base on a PC. I am an average driver and race mainly for fun. Do not race online a lot but will do the games daily challenges. Games I play are Dirt Rally series and the Assetto Corsa games. Was wondering if upgrading to the V2.5 was worth it for a casual racer. Would like some opinions from people who have made the switch. Cost of the base is not a factor in this question but I know I cannot justify going to a DD wheel base for what I do at this time. Thanks for any answers or suggestions.


Hi, I don't own the csl elite base myself but have a friend who has so I kinda know how it compares to my csw 2.5.
I also had a G27 before and a Thrustmaster TS-PC for 2 weeks.

I'd say the upgrade is only worth it if you're using your CSL base at 100% and you are wishing for more ffb strength.
If not, the upgrade is kinda marginal as in a bit smoother, spins faster, a bit more silent (the belt, not the cooling) and maybe a slightly higher fidelity.

But it's no "Oh yeah this more awesome". It's just.. I'd say 10-20% better in everything and of course, stronger ffb.
But if you are not constantly wishing for more force, it's really not worth it!

If you want a noticeable upgrade but not really more force, the next step would be a DD wheel.
I made this upgrade and was pleasantly surprised at how much better it was. I only bought it because I was tired of the flex from the plastic base of the CSL and knew CSW was mostly metal with beefy ball bearings. I knew on paper it was 25% more torque so expected higher highs and better dynamic range but that was all.

I was wrong and it was a noticeable leap in performance in every regard. The FF signals are processed and applied different in the CSW and not only is it much stronger (feels more than 25%) it's more detailed and nuanced. Things I didn't realize I was missing with CSL like static friction when turning the wheels when the car is not moving make a big difference to overall feel. It's also a lot quieter. After switching I found myself able to recover from lots of would-be crashes that CSL wasn't providing enough tactile information to avoid.

IMO it's totally worth the upgrade from CSL. I don't feel DD is enough of a leap from CSW2.5 to justify the leap in cost though and CSW is likely the last reasonable plateau of price/performance.
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Interesting to hear from someone who used the CSL a lot more than I did!
I don't feel DD is enough of a leap from CSW2.5 to justify the leap in cost though
I'm thinking the same. I don't use the CSW at 100% force and sometimes I dial down the details and dynamic a little bit as it's "too much".
So I don't think getting a lot more of this "too much" is worth 1500€ or more.
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Thanks for the replies think I am going to go ahead and order one, My CSL is going on 3 years use just about every day. Will keep it as a back up.


I'm good for this one, I have a CSL V2.5 and a DD2 it's been a good few years.

The CSL compared to the V2.5 you will not really notice a massive difference it is a stronger unit and smoother with slightly stronger feedback, I got the BMW rim to replace the CSL P1, and it seemed to be a tad bit heavy for my CSL base I could feel some flex in the shaft and the FF was not quite as sharp when using the much heavier BMW rim. But you will notice it has a better build quality and will handle heavier wheels, the CSL is a good base for the price IMO but the V2.5 is smoother, and I'm pretty heavy-handed and the V2.5 hours of hard driving, and it still feels the same as when I got it.

You will enjoy it have fun and let us know your thoughts when you get one
Finally got my Fanatec V2.5 base. The people who advised me above were pretty much spot on. I have only tried it for a few hours on Dirt Rally using Fanatecs recommended settings (on both bases). I do like the V 2.5 better as I feel more with it. If it is worth the extra money over the CSL is a fine line right now but I always wanted the V 2.5 . Thanks for the advice and so far am happy with the upgrade.